Stop double booking event on Google Calendar


How to prevent double booking events on Google Calendar

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FYI: Before you start, for most companies, the best way to manage scheduling conflicts or double booking with Google Apps is to use resource calendars instead of standard group calendars. If you haven’t been introduced to this yet, we recommend checking out this guide first.

We hear the story all the time. You have a shared calendar that despite best efforts, still manages to get overbooked. It can be frustrating, and it takes away from every effort you make to ensure your days are as productive as possible. Fortunately, it’s remarkably easy to set your group calendars and calendar resources to prevent collisions, so you can rest easy next time you book a meeting.

Below are steps to take to make sure you fix this problem, and stop double booking.

Google Calendar in office design

Fixing Double Booking

From your Google Calendar overview, open the settings for the calendar you want to lock down.

Group calendar settings menu

Under the Calendar details tab, look for a section labeled “Auto-accept invitations,” just under the calendar time zone section. We’ve highlighted it below:

Where to find calendar conflict settings in Google

Settings to prevent scheduling conflicts

In your settings, by default, it will probably say something like, “Automatically add all invitations to this calendar.” If you see this, it’s a pretty self explanatory reason for all the trouble you’ve been experiencing. But we can do one better. Let’s change it to “Auto-accept invites that do not conflict” instead and see how that works. Check out the image below for more info on what that looks like.

Auto accept when events don't conflict

That’s literally all you need to do. You can celebrate any way you know how, but know that now, when someone tries to double book an event on your calendar resources, the calendar will reject it. Instead of double booking, they’ll have an opportunity to find a different time for their meeting. Nice job!

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