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Welcome guests simply and safely with Robin

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Chris Augustine
Published on

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re releasing our new guest experience solution. We’ll be including these features with all existing Robin plans at no additional fee. 

Now, office admins can use Robin to:

  • Register external guests and automatically send email invitations with customizable visit instructions.
  • Prompt a health checkpoint questionnaire before the visit to screen for Covid symptoms.
  • Provide touch-less check-in for guests on arrival which will trigger an alert to their host, prompting them to greet their guest at the front door.
  • View a comprehensive visit log to track and access information around who has been at your office and when.

We’ll be including this core guest experience with all existing Robin plans at no additional fee. Whether you’re looking to add guest software to your office for the first time or you’re aiming to consolidate to one system for both employees and guests - Robin has a solution for you.

Why visitor management?

Let’s take a few steps back. Why did we step into the visitor management space? 

Visitors are a critical part of your company’s human ecosystem. 

As organizations everywhere worked to re-open their office, most of the focus has been on allowing employees to come back safely

But as those folks settle in and new hybrid work routines start to crystallize, lots of offices are starting to think about guests. 

Can we start interviews onsite again to show off our awesome office?

Can we finally have our board meeting in person again? 

Can we start having customers visit us again so our charming reps can work their magic face-to-face? 

The short answer? Yes, with the right visitor management tool.

Manage guest experience with ease 

Robin empowers employees to easily book guests for office visits, gives admins the tools they need to track visitors and ensures visitors have the information they need to confidently check-in.

Think about the range of guests that frequent your office: 

  • Job interview candidates 
  • Customers 
  • Prospects 
  • Board members and investors 
  • Friends and family 
  • Maintenance crews

In the age of hybrid work and COVID-19 concerns, the welcoming process for these visitors looks a little different. For example, you may not have someone at the front desk all the time if your employees have a flexible schedule. 

Or contact tracing may require keeping a tighter handle on who is coming in and when. You might be looking for a more reliable visit log than an excel spreadsheet or a pen-and-paper sign-in sheet.

Companies who’ve previously used a dedicated guest management software system and have recently added a desk booking system like Robin to support flexible work may be wondering: 

“Do I need so many different tools? Why are my desk booking and guest tracking tools separate? Aren’t they both just ways to schedule office visits and track who is using the office when?”

Well, yes! And the good news is now you don’t have to separate your workplace experience management. With Robin you can improve the office experience holistically. From desk-booking to visitor management, collect and share the necessary information for a friction-less workplace.

Robin continues to evolve with tools to address workplace experience needs

We’ve spent all summer talking to our customers about their needs and wants when it comes to welcoming guests so we have a ton of additions and enhancements that we’ll be adding over time. 

But, first and foremost, we wanted to get our core guest tools out for everyone to use now as offices continue opening up more and more.

Our guest experience launch today is just the beginning. We’re excited to continue evolving our guest experience even more. 

To learn more about Robin and our entire suite of workplace experience tools, book a demo today!

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