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4 Ways to Improve Office Visitor Management

Welcoming guests to the office
The Robin Team
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Offices are reopening across the globe. People are choosing to use the office for collaboration and face-to-face interactions whether they're operating with a hybrid work policy or working in person 100% of the time.

More people going to the office also implies that more guests will be coming in as well. Since January 2023 there's been a 147% increase in guest visits. With more people occupying your space, it's crucial to establish a secure and modern visitor management system that helps improve visitor experience.

Ensuring you, your teams, and your guests are all on the same page will keep your office running smoothly and allow you to give a warm welcome to anyone visiting your office. If you don't have a visitor management system in place here are the basics you should know to help you get started.

What is Visitor Management and Why is it Important?

Visitor management is the practice of tracking guests who enter your office. A successful visitor management system helps regulate the efficiency of your workplace, prevent security risks, and maintain accurate records of office visitors.

Tracking guests with digital visitor management software makes it easy to provide visitors with a positive experience while also ensuring you're tracking all of the information human resources and management need to protect and maintain your office.

Provide office visitors with a simple check-in experience using Robin.

A guest or visitor is anyone who isn't a regular employee. From job candidates to vendors to clients to business partners, there are many types of visitors who may need access to your space. No matter who your guest is there should be a process in place to maintain organization. Visitor management systems help your employees prepare for all types of visitors in the office.

A visitor management system enhances the experience for your employees and your guests by clearly outlining expectations and rules, so everyday visits run as smoothly as possible.

What to Include in Your Visitor Management System

Visitor management systems should cover everything from check in processes to visitor access to physical security. The more detail you provide the easier it will be for people to find and gain access to your office easily and safely.

When building your visitor management system consider including the following details:

Check In and Check Out Processes

Clearly outline the check-in and check-out process, so there's no confusion upon arrival. With a user-friendly interface, you can allow visitors to sign in and pre-register online or on-site. Explain what essential information you'll need to collect when visitors arrive such as name, contact details, purpose of the visit, and any special requirements.

Authorization Procedures and Access Control

Restrict office access based on visitor credentials to help implement physical security. This can include door access, elevators, and restricted areas.

You should also outline who is allowed to invite and welcome guests to the office. Implement a visitor screening process where security staff or management has to approve visitor access to prevent security risks.

There are plenty of things to include in your visitor management process but a warm welcome is the most important.

Required Documents

For some visitors, it may be important to have them sign NDAs, waivers, or contracts before arrival. Clearly outline what legal documents should be completed before arrival, so guests can access your office and get right to work.

Identification Requirements (ID Badges, etc.)

Define how visitor registration will work and explain how you plan to verify the identity of visitors. Whether it's by using government-issued IDs, driver's licenses, or other identification methods.

Some visitor management systems offer facial recognition or fingerprint scanning for added security.

Data Privacy and Security Guidelines

Ensure that visitor data is stored securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Implement data encryption, access controls based on digital visitor management systems, and regular security audits.

Feedback and Survey Opportunities

Collect feedback from visitors to continuously improve the visitor experience and the efficiency of the visitor management system in place. By listening to the needs of your guests you'll be able to improve visitor experience and create a better visitor management process for the future.

Sending out employee surveys will also help you gauge how your employees feel about the process. There may be something your visitor system is missing and your employees can help you identify that.

Give teams a heads up when their guests arrive.

4 Tips for Building Better Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management systems are more than just a clipboard and a sign in sheet. There are many key features you should include if you want to run a successful office.

Whether you're building a visitor management system from scratch or looking to make improvements to your current visitor management software solution, these tips will help you create a seamless experience for everyone involved.

1. Set Visitors up for Success

Engaging guests starts before they arrive at the office. Whether you’re organizing a stakeholder meeting, interviewing job candidates, or welcoming a potential client, you want to put your visitors at ease and make them feel welcome. 

Communicate with them in advance to ensure their visit is a success. This might include:

  • Outlining the check in process
  • Sending parking information and details on how to access your building
  • Sharing an agenda or meeting materials ahead of time
  • Providing them with ways to digitally sign documents like NDAs or waiver

Remember for some guests this will be the first time they visit your office. Provide as much information as possible, so they can easily access your space and prepare for their visit in advance.

2. Offer a Warm Welcome at Sign In

When a visitor arrives at your office they should feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they walk through the door. Having someone at the front desk to greet visitors whether it's a full time receptionist or office security will ensure they have a positive experience when they arrive.

A manual check in process creates a human experience and enables human connection however, it may not be the most streamlined option. Incorporating technology into your check in process can help speed things up while ensuring you get the information you need.

Many businesses today offer contactless sign in options to expedite the process. A self service kiosk delivers a superior, visitor sign in experience by offering simpler check-in processes, improved information collection and security, integration with digital maps, and much more.

You can also consider adding options such as tablet stations or QR codes that guests can use to check in on their mobile devices. Whatever you choose, make sure to include clear instructions, so the process is as easy as possible for your guests.

Friendly greetings can go a long way in relationship building.

3. Make the Office Easy to Navigate

You might know where everything is in your office, but on their first day, your guests won’t. Take a fresh look at your office with a focus on wayfinding and look for ways you can improve navigation. 

You want your office to be vibrant and easy for front desk staff and visitors to navigate. Hanging maps with your brand logo near the elevator, front door, and stairs will help guide your guests to their desired location.

You can also label appliances like copiers, kitchenettes, and other resources, so guests can easily find what they need and feel comfortable doing so. Consider adding a digital display that helps people quickly find the right office or conference space.

4. Brighten Up Your Reception Area

Even with the best visitor management system, some office guests will inevitably have to wait in your reception area – they may arrive early, or their host may be running behind. 

While guests are waiting, your company has an opportunity to make a positive impression. Communicate information about who you are and what you do – you may want to have print literature about your company at the front desk or a digital slideshow in the reception area.

Also consider adding comfortable seating options, so guests aren’t left standing while they wait. The design of your waiting area may not seem like a top priority, but research shows that elements like lighting, plants, and ergonomic office furniture can have a positive effect on how people perceive your office.

Support Guests with a Digital Visitor Management System

While manually tracking visitor details in logs is an option, utilizing a digital visitor management system will help encompass all of these details in one place and ensure you're tracking the information you need. Creating a secure check in experience should be a top priority for you and your teams so you can protect employees and guests, increase security, and track visitors as they arrive.

The right software can help support your digital visitor management system and ensure a seamless experience for your guests.

Digital visitor management systems should provide an option for displaying interactive office maps for wayfinding.

A modern visitor management solution can empower your teams to confidently welcome guests and help you make data driven decisions. Some key features that will help simplify the overall visitor experience are:

  • Automatic notifications upon visitor arrival
  • Digital documents and registrations
  • Visitor badges and photos
  • Easy to use visitor data and analytics

The right software can make it easy to track visitor information and will help streamline the experience. Some software will also offer google calendar integration and desk booking and room booking options for visitors upon arrival.

Need help managing your return to the office, but aren’t sure where to start? The right tools and technology can help you better support your teams and eliminate friction from guest experience. 

From digital signage to workplace analytics, make sure you have what you need to manage guests and make necessary improvements.

Learn more about how Robin can help you build a vibrant hybrid workplace, schedule a demo today.

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