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4 Ways to Improve Office Visitor Engagement

Welcoming guests to the office
The Robin Team
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Whether you’ve returned to in-person work or have implemented a hybrid work model, many companies have reopened their offices. That means people can enjoy the benefits of meeting face-to-face with clients, vendors, and other visitors. 

Having a visitor management system in place can help your team make a good first impression and create seamless guest experience. Here are a few strategies that can help you get started.

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1. Set Visitors Up for Success

Engaging guests starts before they arrive at the office. Whether you’re organizing a stakeholder meeting, interviewing job candidates, or welcoming a potential client, you want to put your visitors at ease and make them feel welcome. 

Communicate with them in advance to ensure their visit is a success. This might include:

  • Sending information about where to park and how to access your building
  • Having visitors fill out a COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire
  • Sharing an agenda or meeting materials ahead of time

2. Streamline the Sign-in Process

When a visitor arrives at your office they should be greeted right away. However, many enterprises want to offer contactless options to expedite the sign-in process while keeping everyone safe. 

Consider adding options such as tablet stations or QR codes that guests can use to check in using their mobile devices. Using a visitor management system, your reception staff can also easily notify hosts and record guest arrivals.

3. Make the Office Easy to Navigate

You might know where everything is in your office, but your guests won’t. Take a fresh look at your office with a focus on wayfinding

You don’t want your office to look cramped or cluttered, and it should be easy for visitors to find what they need at a glance. Make sure you have clearly marked signage for elevators, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, and restrooms.

Consider adding digital display that helps people quickly find the right office or conference space. Encourage employees to keep their work areas clean and instruct them on how to manage office visitors and provide a positive guest experience.

4. Ensure Guests Feel Comfortable and Welcomed

Even with the best office visitor management tools, some office guests will inevitably have to wait in your reception area – they may arrive early, or their host may be running behind. 

While guests are waiting, your company has an opportunity to make a positive impression. Communicate information about who you are and what you do – you may want to have print literature about your company or a digital slideshow in the reception area.

Also consider adding comfortable seating options, so guests aren’t left standing while they wait. The design of your waiting area may not seem like a priority, but research shows that elements like lighting, plants, and ergonomic office furniture can have a positive effect on how people perceive your office.

Support Guests With the Right Digital Tools

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Need help managing your return to the office, but aren’t sure where to start? The right tools and technology can help you better support your teams and eliminate friction from guest experience. 

From digital signage to workplace analytics, make sure you have what you need to manage guests and make necessary improvements.

Learn more about how Robin can help you build a vibrant hybrid workplace, schedule a demo or start your free trial today.

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