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Inviting Guests to the Office? Improve the Experience with Robin

Guests in your hybrid office
Chris Augustine
Published on

The office is back and that means in-person guests will be too.

Welcoming guests into your office should be as seamless as booking your desk. At Robin, we’re working to support the entire office experience, whether you work there full time or are just stopping by for a visit. 

Confidently invite guests into the office whether they’re clients, contractors, family members, or job candidates. Your hybrid workplace is evolving, your guest experience solution should too.

Guest Experience in a Hybrid Workplace

Offices are being reimagined as cultural hubs and collaborative environments, which means more opportunities to invite external visitors into your space. Accommodating guests takes a lot of planning and support, and Robin’s here to help with every scenario.

  1. Job Interviews, Client Visits, and Contractor Meetings

You want your corporate guests to feel comfortable coming into your space. 

With customizable visit instructions, your guests understand where they’re going and how to sign in. Once they arrive and complete self registration and touchless check in, their host will be notified, ensuring communication and transition is as smooth as possible. 

First impressions matter, so make your guests feel welcomed, informed, and comfortable in your office.

  1. Team Days Featuring Special Guests

On-site team days are becoming an increasingly popular way to get people into the office. Entice your teams to come in to work with “special guests” like agencies, freelancers, or guest speakers. This is a great way to get them involved and excited about their projects.

If these guests have worked with you virtually before, but have never been to your space you’ll want to ensure signage is clear to minimize confusion . Creating an arrival display with your company’s logo will ensure they’re in the right space with the right people. Upon check-in you can prompt your guests to complete forms, like health questionnaires. 

Coming soon, you’ll also be able to ask guests to sign document agreements, like NDAs or liability waivers. Make sure all of your bases are covered, so your teams can get right to work.

  1. Office Wide Events or Team Activities

Hosting events like “bring your kids to work day,” dog days, or office wide community service days are great opportunities for your teams to bring friends and family to the office, or to invite outside organizations in for presentations. 

Pre-register your guests with Robin beforehand, so you can have a better understanding of who’s coming when. Last minute guests joining? No worries, you can also offer same-day, registration, or self-registration by the guest themselves. 

After the event, utilize our comprehensive visitors log to keep track of who came in and measure how successful your event was overall. Whether you’re welcoming in 30 family members, or just a few make sure you’re prepared.

Open Your Office to Everyone

Seeing the office fill up with teams, partners, friends, and clients is exciting. Your workplace should be more than just a place of work, it should inspire collaboration, partnership, and community.

There are plenty of reasons for a guest to visit your office. Whether you’re hosting a client meeting or a job fair, make sure your guests have the best experience possible and your teams have the confidence to invite them back again.

If you’re interested in learning more about our guest experience solution, book a demo today.

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