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Coordinate Your Work Week with Robin's Hybrid Work Tools

robin's hybrid work tools
Jennie Garrepy
Published on

When you think about planning your workweek, what factors into that decision? 

Before the hybrid work gold-rush, there was a lot less choice. You had an office, an assigned desk, a favorite conference room and definitely some preferred lunch spots. But beyond the basics, your office fate was largely predetermined by seating assignments and team pods. 

Today, the office is evolving into a place centered around choice. With the right tools, employees can: 

  • See when their favorite coworkers are coming in. 
  • Pick their desk for the day (corner nook? Next to the cold brew?).
  • Plan their weekly schedule in a mobile app. 
  • Share feedback with office leaders on their overall experience.

Our latest product updates were built with employees in mind. We wanted to explore the core motivators for making that faithful commute into your office of choice. Let’s dig a little deeper and look at the four pillars of this upgrade.

1. Finding Your Office Purpose & Embracing A People-First Experience

Are you coming to the office to collaborate? Or are you looking for a quiet space away from the chaos of your house? Everyone has different reasons for coming into the office, the key to working out the right schedule is deciding which options are best for you. 

Did you know that employees who felt connected were 1.6 times more likely to say their coworkers behaved in supportive ways? Research suggests that the top motivator for returning to the office is reconnecting with colleagues. In fact, our customers echo the same sentiments on calls with our team. 

Whether you’re a WFH enthusiast, an office loyalist or a hybrid hero, there’s no denying that some interactions are just better in person. Especially when collaboration is the name of the game.

That’s why it’s so important for teams to be able to see where everyone is sitting on a given day. On Tuesdays I might want to sit near sales to get an idea of customer pain points but maybe Wednesdays are dedicated to design team meetings. 

Whatever your schedule looks like, finding your WHY for going into the office is key, Robin is here to ensure all the information and tools you need are in one, easy-to-use platform. 

2. Coordinating Office Days with Teammates

In a hybrid world, social interactions and people continue to be a huge motivator for how we make decisions about the office. Our new update has some big improvements on summaries, you’ll see who’s in the office with an emphasis on your favorites.

What are ‘favorites’ in Robin? A way to customize your office experience by signaling the people you work with the most. Select your favorites in the Robin app and these team members will auto populate onto your summary pages. That way, you can easily see when your work besties are going in!

To make weekly planning even more interactive and collaborative, team members can now generate a sharing link which they can use to send their desk bookings to other coworkers.

We set out to make scheduling your days in-office as simple as possible. That way, teams can do what they do best while enjoying the office as a useful resource.

3. Planning for The Work Week

When we approach product design, we start with data from our current customers. Our usage data showed us that a majority of our users were booking and making their plans 1 - 4 days in advance. 

Maybe, people are so used to our calendar views that it is a natural follow-on. Either way, the data doesn’t lie. So, with this in mind, we created a week-view within the platform. Now, users can see their entire week on the app and plan their office days accordingly. 

Bottom Line: Design with People in Mind

We are in the middle of the biggest workplace shift in decades. 

People have the power and businesses that succeed will be the ones that understand choice is now at the center of all workplace decisions. For hybrid leaders, the goal is to reduce the amount of friction between employees and getting to the workplace. 

At Robin, we design with this in mind. People are at the center of all of our product decisions. To learn more about the what, why and how of Robin - reach out to our team today!

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