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Transforming Commercial Real Estate with the Robin Building Network

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The Robin Team
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The national office vacancy rate rose to a record-breaking 19.6%, according to Moody Analytics, the highest rate since the company began tracking in 1979.

Real estate owners need a proactive solution to get ahead of these unprecedented market shifts. This requires a better understanding of how people are using spaces and an investment in technology that incentivizes new and existing tenants.

Introducing: The Robin Building Network

The Robin Building Network (RBN) offers key solutions to help landlords better understand building usage and improve tenant experiences. 

The landscape of work has been evolving since the pandemic as companies work to determine how and when their teams will use a physical office. These shifts in the market are notable as the rise of vacancies and tenants downsizing their office space is becoming more frequent. 

Landlords and property owners know assets have value when they are being used. By investing in RBN, owners gain visibility into building utilization, all while arming tenants with a platform to help manage foot traffic. 

How it Works

Once tenants start using Robin, owners/landlords gain access to valuable utilization information. Tenants' data is aggregated into a dashboard, allowing data review by building, floor or per tenant. These insights provide a more in-depth look across assets, enabling better planning for amenities, scheduling maintenance and overall management.

Nordblom, a Pioneer in Commercial Real Estate

Real estate enterprise Nordblom is stepping up to tackle these issues facing the industry. In an effort to renew their commitment to technology and provide their tenants with the best experiences possible, they’re rolling out the Robin Building Network to their new tech campus in Boston.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Robin Building Network to our vibrant tenant community at Blue Sky Center," said Julia Arsenault, SVP, Director of Commercial Property Management at Nordblom Company. "In today's dynamic market, proactivity is key, and RBN empowers us to be at the forefront of tenant satisfaction. By leveraging this innovative platform, we aim to forge stronger connections with our tenants, gaining invaluable insights that will enhance their overall experience."

Nordblom is focusing on three key areas in the rollout:

1. Gaining a deep understanding of tenants through tailored analytics

Nordblom will utilize RBN’s data to better understand how its tenants are using current office spaces. The dashboard aggregates tenants’ data and can be viewed by day, week, month, building or tenant-by-tenant comparison.

The dashboard can also be utilized for shared amenities and building maintenance planning.

2. Creating engaging spaces tenants want to visit

Nordblom recognizes that coordinating in-office work comes with logistical challenges their tenants want to solve. By streamlining workplace processes, such as desk and room booking, shared amenities booking, schedule coordination and office feedback surveys, RBN helps building owners increase tenant satisfaction and increase retention.

RBN partners offer Robin’s suite of space management capabilities directly to tenants, ensuring they have what they need to have their best days at work.

3. Reducing vacancies

As tenants build their in-office policies, they’re also likely reconfiguring current spaces. Whether looking to downsize to save cost or upsize to create more collaborative spaces, property owners and landlords can seize the opportunity to offer an alternate lease that better suits their needs from your portfolio.

Nordblom is committed to providing alternative office options for tenants seeking to relocate, tailored to their specific needs. They view the inclusion of Robin as an attractive incentive for both new and existing tenants, encouraging them to choose Nordblom's properties for their leasing needs.

Your Tool for Tenant Retention and Experiences: RBN

By using RBN data as tools for long-term planning, building owners can not only improve tenant experiences but also make data-driven decisions.

The Robin Building Network is revolutionizing the commercial real estate industry by equipping building owners with valuable insights into building utilization and tenant requirements. By using RBN, building owners can enhance their competitive advantage by delivering elevated tenant satisfaction and bolstering tenant retention rates.

To learn more about how Robin Building Network can help you stay competitive, schedule some time to chat with our team

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