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Enable Richer Employee Data in Robin with Rippling

robin and rippling
Brendan O'Neil
Published on

As businesses transition back to the office environment, they encounter a growing array of obstacles in their efforts to enhance the overall work experience for their staff. These challenges encompass: 

  • Ensuring employees have designated workspaces
  • Creating spaces that empower teams to connect in-person
  • Optimizing the utilization of office space

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Rippling, the leading workforce management platform. Rippling enables organizations to manage their employees’ payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps & more. As the first platform that allows teams to effortlessly manage people operations in one place, their solutions cover onboarding to off-boarding and everything in between.

Combining the power of Rippling and Robin - two companies that care deeply about the employee experience, organizations can simplify, measure and adapt their hybrid work model using a unified solution that minimizes manual tasks and yields superior business results.

“As organizations return to the office, the employee experience challenges are plentiful. Companies must provide an optimal workplace experience for all employees to keep people engaged and productive,” Brad Armstrong, Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Development, Rippling, said. 

Work Locations, Synced

Effortlessly synchronize employees' work locations from Rippling to Robin, eliminating the need for manual setup and assignment of office locations in Robin. Additionally, the groups you manage in Rippling seamlessly transfer to Robin. By maintaining a consistent data structure between Rippling and Robin, you'll have more time to focus on creating impactful workplace experiences.

“By syncing information between the Rippling and Robin platforms and enabling auto-provisions, companies will be able to leverage the best of two platforms that care deeply about the employee experience,” explains Armstrong.

Easy User Provisioning 

Now, you can easily set up Robin accounts from within Rippling, giving new employees a great start on their first day in the office. User provisioning and automatic group and role management between Robin and Rippling allows for seamless employee data management. 

Plus, you can add an extra layer of security with Single Sign-On (SSO), letting employees use their Rippling credentials to access their Robin accounts. “Workers are returning to the office, but managing hybrid work still poses a significant challenge for many organizations,” Micah Remley, CEO, Robin, said. 

“By partnering with Rippling, a leader in workforce management, we’re making it easier for leaders to effectively run the office. Businesses of all sizes can access accurate workplace data to monitor and optimize their plans, while ensuring that their employees have a frictionless and enjoyable day in the office.”

With Rippling and Robin, organizations can streamline their hybrid work models, eliminating manual work for employees and administrators alike, while increasing productivity and driving better business outcomes. 

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