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Fueling the Future of Workplaces at Robin

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Brian Muse
Published on

With a reservoir of insights and experience spanning a decade, our team has crystallized a few truths: 

  • Efficient, automated resource management is the linchpin for productivity
  • Fluidity among teams and their offices is non-negotiable
  • Data isn't just for collection, it's a treasure trove for strategic, long-term planning

We may never go back to 2019, but it’s clear that the office is making its return.

  • From January to June 2023, use of desk resources soared another 20%
  • 31% of employees committed to specific office days every week
  • Guest visits are up 147%

As businesses and employees around the world embrace the shift to a flexible or structured hybrid work model, the urgency for tools that streamline the workplace and elevate the employee experience has surged, becoming a paramount concern for organizations.

Robin has consistently been at the forefront of pioneering this new category of workplace experience software. I'm thrilled to offer a glimpse into our vision for the future workplace.

Surface smart desk booking suggestions so your teams can quickly book the spaces they need.

Embracing AI and Automation

Earlier this year I wrote about how we were transforming Robin at its core to be an automation and AI-first business and product. Since then we’ve taken enormous strides in our own operations, workplace, and our product. 

We’ve embedded automation to help employees pick their desks, to quickly find the perfect rooms for all their meetings, and to eliminate having to check-in manually. In just a short period of time we have already seen a sharp increase in employee satisfaction and decrease in time spent on menial tasks. 

And we’re only just starting. Automation and AI will continue to drive every new product that we build here at Robin.

Welcome guests to the office confidently.

A Unified Workplace Platform

At the heart of our platform lies a commitment to fostering a cohesive workplace experience. From managing guest access to seamlessly guiding employees through the maze of office facilities, policies and information, our platform aspires to be your centralized hub. 

This unity of purpose doesn't merely streamline tasks; it breathes life into office interactions, fueling creativity and collaboration

It’s not enough anymore to be a room booking point solution. It’s not enough anymore to be a visitor platform with a stapled on desk booking system.

Both business and employee requirements must be seamlessly integrated into a unified platform covering communication, event planning, meeting services, campus knowledge, resource management, IT, and guest experiences.

Designing for Unique Workplace Needs

Every organization is a unique tapestry of needs and challenges. At the heart of Robin lies adaptability, making it perfectly poised to serve specialized needs that are often industry- or organization-specific. 

Whether it’s managing ubiquitous resources like parking spots and lockers, or handling more bespoke needs such as lab equipment for a research facility or cameras for a newsroom, Robin will be able to make that happen.

This level of resource management, especially when paired with intelligent spatial planning solutions, will propel businesses around the world into more functional, supportive work environments.

Make it easier for teams to book all types of resources in the workplace.

Crafting the Future of Workplace

Our roadmap is dotted with exciting innovations that will take your workplace to the next level, and our gaze is firmly set on the horizon.

In the rapidly transforming landscape of the modern office, Robin emerges not just as a tool, but as a partner. We’re excited to continue to shape the future of workplaces alongside our customers. 

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