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What Is a Visitor Management System?

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The Robin Team
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As more and more companies return to the office, teams are looking for ways to safely welcome visitors into their spaces. An effective office visitor management system can help you stay organized while making a positive impression on clients and guests. Learn more about the benefits of using software to enhance the visitor experience.

What is visitor management software?

The set of processes, policies, and tools that an organization uses to keep track of office guests is known as a visitor management system. While some companies may use analog systems to register visitors, software platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Visitor management software can be used to:

  • Pre-screen office visitors
  • Register individuals when they arrive at the office
  • Maintain records of past guest visits
  • Help visitors navigate the office or book workspaces
  • Notify hosts of guest arrivals

Visitor policies can vary widely by industry. Some companies have an open-door policy, while others may need to thoroughly vet each individual to protect their client data or intellectual property.

Who needs a visitor management system?

As organizations navigate the return to in-person work, they are looking for efficient tools to keep track of everyone onsite. You can use visitor experience software to manage:

  • Contractors and freelancers: Contract workers aren’t full-time employees, but they may still use your office regularly. They can use visitor management software to reserve a desk or office as needed.
  • Clients: A professional system for managing onsite client meetings helps you put your best foot forward and make a good impression.
  • Job applicants: Hiring can be a time-consuming process, but software can automate some of the administrative tasks of conducting candidate interviews.
  • Event attendees: If you’re hosting a workshop or symposium at your office, you can use a visitor management platform to share event materials and sign in attendees efficiently.
  • Interns: If you host undergraduate or graduate students, you’ll want a way to oversee them while they’re in your office for a set period, without giving them the same privileges and access as staff members.

Benefits of an office visitor management system

No matter how frequently you host visitors at your office, using a guest experience platform offers many advantages. These include:


Front desk employees typically have a wide range of administrative duties. But if you have employees whose primary responsibility is signing in guests, you’re not using their time efficiently – especially on slow days. Guest management software allows for contactless check-in using a kiosk or even the visitor’s mobile device. This frees up your reception staff to focus on other priorities and tasks.

Better security

To keep employees safe and protect your assets, you need to know who is in the building at any given time. Visitor management software helps capture and store this information, creating a digital log of all new and returning guests. Plus, using an online check-in system is much more reliable than a sign-in sheet that visitors fill in by hand. Having a record of all past visitors can also help you stay in compliance with data privacy regulations.

Monitor multiple locations

For organizations with more than one office, it can be challenging to keep track of all the comings and goings at each location. A centralized platform fosters transparency and gives leadership teams visibility across the entire organization.

Manage hybrid employees

Your office visitor management system is also a great way to enhance the employee experience. Hybrid work is now the norm in many industries, meaning employees are splitting their time between remote and in-office work.

If your hybrid work setup uses hot desking or desk hoteling, you can utilize office management software for desk and office reservations. Employees can select and reserve a desk before they get to the office, making it easier for them to collaborate with colleagues and find workspaces that suit their needs. This also means that workers will spend less time wandering around looking for an open desk, so they can be more productive and efficient.


Because office management platforms often have reporting tools, you can use digital visitor logs to drive better business decisions. For example, if you have a high volume of contractors at one location, you might need additional flexible workspaces. If one location rarely has guests, you may be able to reassign reception staff to other roles. 

With insights into space utilization across your whole organization, you can optimize how you use the office using workplace analytics. With workplace analytics, it is easy to keep track of office occupancy rates and utilization.

Reinforce brand identity

When you host office guests, you also have the opportunity to communicate your brand. Many platforms allow you to showcase your logo, colors, and other personalized design elements. You can send branded communications before visitors arrive, as well as integrate brand elements at your check-in station or kiosk.

Streamline events

If you’re hosting workshops or other events, your office can quickly become hectic. A visitor management system can ensure attendees have a positive experience and keep your staff from being pulled in too many different directions. If your platform offers a mobile app, guests can navigate the office from their phone or tablet. 

You can integrate digital displays to help with wayfinding, posting event schedules, and labeling different meeting and conference rooms. If you have health and safety measures in place, you can communicate these ahead of time to visitors.

Learn more about visitor experience management

Save time and money with a user-friendly system for welcoming visitors and employees back to the office. Robin’s office visitor management system lets your team:

  • Set up screening questionnaires for both guests and staff
  • Register visitors
  • Create drag-and-drop office maps
  • Notify the host via email upon a guest’s arrival
  • Maintain a detailed visitor log

With Robin’s centralized system, you’ll always know who has been in the office and when – even if you can’t be onsite yourself. 

Robin makes it easy for your company to ensure a positive visitor and employee experience. For more information, schedule a demo or start your free trial today.

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