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Introducing the Hybrid Work Conference: The Event for People That Power Hybrid Work

hybrid work conference, hybrid work event
Sabrina Dorronsoro
Published on

The way we navigate our work and our lives was forever changed when the pandemic hit. Suddenly, the old narrative around how our careers fit into our lives was up for discussion. 

The way forward is a much more thoughtful approach. A take on work that values the lives we live, knowing it's an integral part of how we show up. 

I sat down with Britta Schellenberg, Robin’s VP of Marketing and the pioneer behind this event, to explore what drove the vision behind the Hybrid Work Conference.  

The Why Behind HWCon2022

Hybrid work is still an experiment. No one knows for sure what success looks like. That’s why it’s so important to come together to discuss what works, what doesn’t and what might come next. The Hybrid Work Conference is a community-building event, connecting people that are passionate about flexible workplaces and their potential. 

“The vision here is to build a community that talks about what the future of work looks like. What part everybody plays, from employer to employee,” explains Schellenberg. “We want to keep moving that conversation forward so that we can all live happier, more fulfilling lives.”

That is the promise of flexible work. This idea that we can start flipping the script to make work fit around our lives, rather than the other way around. People power businesses and when those same people are given the flexibility to work in a way that suits them, they are better for it. 

“There are people out there that like to work in the morning and then there are night owls, right? That whole idea of being able to work within the rhythm that works for you is super helpful,” says Schellenberg. “People stay healthy and engaged and happy. They can do the best for their families. They can do what’s best for themselves. It just becomes more of an equitable space for everybody.”

The Hybrid Work Conference will explore how to make this more flexible world a reality. As with all things worth doing, the path forward isn’t clear cut. That’s why we are coming together to compare notes and strategies. Together, we can paint a clearer picture of what makes hybrid work, work. 

“It’s not just a celebration of successes but also a celebration of the mistakes and challenges that we have overcome, or are still overcoming. I think that is really exciting.”

Moving Towards Hybrid Work 2.0, Together

As companies continue to push forward with flexible work, they now need to consider how to best connect experiences regardless of location. This topic will be a big one heading into the event and we have academics, hybrid work experts and business analysts ready to talk shop. 

If hybrid work 1.0 was about getting people to return to office spaces safely after a year of working remotely then hybrid work 2.0 is about figuring out how to sustain that flexibility. How can we create a workplace experience that is seamless and familiar for our entire workforce? 

“Before, some people weren't vaccinated yet and there were mandates from the State and the Government. All of that is gone now. Everything is open,” explains Schellenberg. “So, how do you get people back into the office? How do you make sure that people want to come back in? Why would they want to come back in?”

Your home office may mean no commute but it also means only connecting with coworkers through a screen. There is something about in-person collaboration that just can’t be replicated and these touchpoints are the drivers we need to explore. Acknowledging the need for connection while embracing the demand for flexibility is how we find a balance that benefits everyone. 

“At the Hybrid Work Conference we want people to network, we want people to meet each other. We want people to talk about these core challenges and explore the possibility,” describes Schellenberg. 

“We see the enthusiasm and energy of workplace leaders every day. We know that community-building and thoughtful planning are what power vibrant offices. Let’s bring that zest to the conversation. Let’s reimagine how work gets done.”

The Hybrid Work Conference incorporates both sides of the coin. We have virtual options so that no one misses out on the fun but we also spent time thoughtfully choosing in-person experiences that would be a catalyst for connection. 

A hybrid event built for the people who power modern workplaces. Check out the full agenda here.

Join Us for the Hybrid Work Conference: October 3-5

Some people say hybrid work is having a moment. Not us. We see a movement, one we’re leading side by side. That means you and your people-first company. Let us be your partner for connection, community, and cool new ways to come together. 

For people, work isn’t a separate existence — it’s a shared experience. Let’s make it flexible, fulfilling, and fun. Let’s make it human and hybrid. 

Register for the Hybrid Work Conference today. We can’t wait to see you. 

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