Common tasks every office manager knows too well

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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When you were hired as an office manager, the job probably looked a little like this:

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Last week we talked about Calendar Tetris, and how Robin can help you solve last minute calendar requests. This week, we're going over common tasks that many of you experience each day if you're in an office manager or admin role.

Common scenarios in the office made better with Robin

We've talked to hundreds of office managers, and what we hear most is that they want a better way to manage and book meetings. Because pictures are better than words, we're going to give you a run-down of common tasks and scenarios that might look familiar, and how Robin makes them a lot easier for you.

"Hey, we have the folks from Robin in the waiting area. Can you find us a room?" - Clearly not prepared

A client just walked in and you're asked to quickly find a room to host the meeting of four. Oh, and they want an Apple TV too. With search for the office, Robin can help you take care of this in seconds.

Dashboard Scheduling Calendar View -- 4

"I need that room. Right now.” - CEO at 11:04am

An executive asks you to move a meeting in favor of something that came up last minute. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for battle. With Robin, it's a little easier than a scene in Braveheart. Being able to quickly scan all the conference rooms for the day will help you be able to reschedule that no problem.

Dashboard Scheduling Calendar View

"Can you make sure bagels are in the board meeting tomorrow?" - Head of Sales

You're asked to provide bagels or coffee for a board meeting the following morning. Just another day in paradise, right? What if you could enable people to submit those requests themselves, without having to ask you each time? We're not superheroes, we just wanted to make your life a little easier.


We just scratched the surface. Learn more on how Robin can better help here.