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Office Pass enables 7 million safe returns to the office

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Emily True
Published on

Did you know that the number of employees coming into the office once during the month and not returning has seen a 27% increase since April?

Robin’s team of data scientists have been tracking key workplace trends like this in our monthly Return-to-Office (RTO) Tracker

These changes can be partially attributed to the end of summer vacations and uncertainty around the new Delta variant but the data may also highlight the need to create better processes and improve smoother communication around returning to the office. 

Office Pass, Robin’s employee experience, has helped employees at thousands of companies worldwide make a smooth transition back into the office. 

Bundle and communicate all of your office guidelines to teams, through the Robin platform, so everyone knows how and when the office is available to them.

Remove friction from return-to-office, improve adoption

To create a successful hybrid work environment, workplace leaders must eliminate uncertainty. As such, businesses that want to manage the transition to hybrid work effectively will need to clearly communicate return-to-office plans and and generate buy-in from team members. 

These change management plans ensure teams have the information they need to find a working environment that best suits their needs. Office Pass is a dedicated part of the Robin platform, providing employees with the resources they need to navigate and guide their own office experience. 

What’s new in Office Pass?

The latest features in Office Pass are driven by customer feedback to reduce the friction and uncertainty employees experience when working from the office.

Coordinate team visits

Plan a day in the office when the coworkers you’re closest with will be in, too. Tag coworkers as “favorites” to see when they’ll be in, or reserve a group of desks together for your entire team. 

Confidently use the office 

Take the guesswork out of understanding office guidelines. Easily view details like daily capacity, office access and health requirements before your visit. Use digital signage, like office maps, to understand changes to layout and amenities, and easily find your desk when you arrive. 

Collaborate in person 

Check-in to let your teammates know you’re working from the office today -- via push notification, Slack/Teams, or scan from your phone. Find out who else is in the office and where they’re sitting. Then grab a desk close to them and free up the one you have previously booked with one quick phone tap. Or, grab a meeting space that accommodates both in-office and remote participants for an upcoming call. 

Customize to fit many hybrid strategies

Employees receive their office pass when they’re added to Robin. Customize their experience to reflect your company’s workplace goals. Add a logo or custom colors, configure the office map, and set policies or restrictions around who can use the office and how. 

Interested in learning more about what’s next up for Office Pass? Reach out to us today!

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