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Quick Surveys for Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work graphic
Brendan O'Neil
Published on

Companies all over the world have been announcing their new workplace policies.

By supporting hybrid schedules and flexible use of the office space, employees are empowered to choose how they work best.

We know that every company has its own culture, and that's why it is so important to survey your team before diving into policy building.

Question to Ask

Starter questions
  • How many days would you want to work from the office each day?
  • Vote for each day that you could see yourself coming in most often.

Slack: Polling for Hybrid Work

If your team uses Slack, making a poll is as easy as asking a question with a legend to reference. Be sure to give more context in the thread like a time constraint or responding to questions. The benefit is that you can easily share the poll internally and link to it throughout Slack.

An example Slack post
Example poll in Slack where people vote via emoji reactions

There are also “Poll apps” your team can install with more features, we use Simple Poll here at Robin.

Microsoft Teams: Hybrid Work Questionnaires

Teams has a more robust form system to take advantage of. When you click the form icon, a popup window opens where you'll make a detailed questionnaire. More details are available on the Teams help docs.

Forms icon in Microsoft Teams
Quickly make a form in Microsoft Teams

Similar to Slack, Teams makes voting easy and polls shareable which encourages participation.

Google Forms: Surveys for Hybrid Work

Sometimes sharing a simple form can get the job done. When using a tool like Google Forms make sure to configure the settings. It is helpful to limit submissions and enable submission receipts. Submissions will be collected in Google Forms or you can export them to a Google Sheet or .csv file for easy access.

A visual of a Google Forms settings page
Example settings in Google Forms

We ran the hybrid work poll, now what?

Once feedback and results are collected, use the data to inform your planning process for new work style policies. It is important to lean on what you’ve heard directly from employees when it comes to successfully introducing these plans.

“You shared and we listened, this is what your feedback led us to do”

Ready to share your policies with the team? Download our customizable playbook to make it easy to share the good news 🎉

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