Robin + Lisbon = Coworking Europe 2014

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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an image of a tram painted in watercolor

Our bags are packed and we're almost ready to say bon voyage, or rather fazer boa viagem, because Robin is going to Lisbon!

As a sponsor of Coworking Europe, we are very pleased to take this trip and not just because, well come on, it's Portugal. The mission: to keep supporting the coworking ecosystem as it continues to redefine how people traditionally think about work and workspaces.This isn’t our first trip into the coworking world. Our adventure started when we stumbled upon the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Kansas City, MO earlier this year.

We were welcomed by everyone we met and were invited to learn as much as we could about the coworking movement and your spaces. We listened, and laughed, and learned a lot. Now, with a product in hand (and a table of our own, come say "Oi!"), we want to show how Robin can power new digital experiences in coworking workspaces that make them more productive, create less friction, and build stronger communities. That, and we can’t wait to sample some amazing food because, come on, its Portugal!

The coworking movement is a community of people who pride themselves on being early-adopters of new technology and trends, and the spaces are wonderful environments for experimentation. This amazing group of people continues to challenge us to build the best product possible and helping us refine our message, making sure that we are creating relevant value for their members and business operations.

Supporting Coworking Europe 2014 was one of the easier decisions we’ve ever made because, at it’s core, it’s all about making people feel joy about their work. We’re all about that. It’s what we do and what we’re really passionate about. It's simply why we exist.

So bring on the Fado music, tram rides, and custard tarts. We are ready! Follow all of our adventures on our Instagram: @robinpowered  See you there!