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Screen share like a pro in your next meeting with Airtame 2

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Danielle Aihini
Published on

This tiny yet powerful wireless HDMI tool will have you presenting your next big proposal without wires everywhere (and more importantly without delays).

We’ve all been there before: you’re about to screen share in a meeting when you can’t find the right dongle to connect the projector to your laptop. Maybe the wired connection is laggy and ruins the new brand video reveal. Or you can’t truly engage with your audience because you’re awkwardly trapped in the corner of the room, having to keep your laptop plugged in while you present.

Airtame 2 plans to solve for those meeting presentation challenges and more, in the upgraded version of their popular screen share device.“Our objective with Airtame was initially ‘just’ to get rid of cables - a relatable and common issue in many organizations,” says Brian Kyed, CPO and Co-Founder at Airtame. “We realized since that there’s much more to the issue. After years of product development and user feedback, we’re proud to deliver Airtame 2, which not only removes cables but helps you use screens better.”

Back of a TV in a conference room showing Airtame 2

So what’s new with Airtame 2?

  • Faster firmware and software updates thanks to an increase in RAM (about 4x!)
  • More reliable and faster connections with a fancy new WiFi chip
  • Ability to go the distance in your meeting space with a longer WiFi range
  • Better device security with the Kensington Lock integration
  • Knowledge of device status with the LED light that changes based on device state (updating, standby, or in-use)
  • Easy setup with a magnetic wall mount (no need for a drill)

Use Airtame 2 with Robin for an extra dose of meeting room information

How can both of these tools combined make your life easier in the office? Well, two ways:

  1. Use Airtame to display a room’s schedule on a TV inside the space, as a complement to the room’s schedule on a Robin display outside the space. This way, employees who have just wrapped up a meeting can reference if the room’s still available for a follow up without having to move. Then, they can simply book the room from the Robin web dashboard or mobile app.
  3. Run Robin’s Status Board on TVs with Airtame in the lobby or other high traffic areas. Employees will be able to reference upcoming meetings and scout available rooms as they come out of the elevator, helping them get to where they need to go.
TV on an office wall streaming Robin Status Board on Airtame 2

Start your long farewell to your adaptors, cables, projectors, and other finicky screen share tools. Take IT off of speed dial so they don’t have to make an emergency pitstop during your next big client meeting. Plug and present with Airtame 2.

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