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5 of the Best Office Staircase Design Ideas (#3 will have you drooling)

Best Office Staircase Design Ideas
The Robin Team
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A list of the top staircase design ideas you never knew your office needed. Until now.

This isn’t the first time featuring office stairs on our blog. And it probably won’t be the last. Why you might ask? While traditionally a boring and sometimes disruptive detail of an office floor plan, staircases have become centerpieces for workplace designers and architects to hone their craft. Staircases are no longer exclusive to the corners of the building with glowing exit signs floating above.

In the world of modern office design, staircases are front and center: often making an appearance as early as the lobby or smack dab in the middle of the office.And for employees, staircases are the social hub of the modern office. They connect people from all departments, encourage productivity, and with the right setup, support activity based work. Alas, we present to you 5 of the best staircase design ideas in offices around the world.

Cue the office design inspiration 🤩

1. Airbnb

Hospitality isn’t only served up to Airbnb’s users. The cascading staircase in their Dublin office has community written all over it. The multifunctional central staircase, also known as the ‘Agora’, is used for everything from ABW to conference and community events for up to 400 people.

Airbnb stairs architecture office design ideas

2. Ogilvy & Mather

Why give employees one option for getting downstairs when you can give them two? The marketing and PR agency’s dynamic staircase in their Jakarta office sits between the cafe and a line of daybeds, creating an environment to relax and socialize.

3. Wieden + Kennedy

All hail the incredible walnut staircase. Talk about designers and architects showing off their talent, this advertising agency’s NYC office staircase might take the cake. Employees often take to the walnut bleachers for staff meetings and lots of natural light.

Wieden + Kennedy stairs architecture office design ideas

4. Atlassian

The stairs in Atlassian’s Austin space live at the heart of the office “serving as the hub of energy for the space.” The focal point not only encourages socialization, but also just looks so dang pretty. I mean, who wouldn’t to get work done there?

Atlassian stairs architecture office design ideas

5. 99c

They might call themselves 99, but we give this ad agency’s staircase design a solid 100. Located in Cape Town, the open office area allows employees to roam freely, maybe stopping for a quick chat with a colleague or some heads down work on the stairs various seat cushions.

99c Cape Town stairs architecture office design ideas


Did we miss your favorite office staircase? Send it our way on Twitter.

office design ideas stair architecture

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