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Status Board: Real-time Office Availability for Everyone

status board
The Robin Team
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At Robin, we embrace the magic of momentum and “I’m ready now, if you are” throughout the workday. The easier it is to see what’s going on, the faster you can make great decisions. If you’re the sort of person that loves the thrill of “Let’s get started when you get in”, we’d like to introduce your latest ally. To everyone else, we have an excuse to try something new.

Last week we previewed some new office visualizations coming this Spring, starting with interactive maps. This week, you can upgrade your office with Status Board. It’s available for all plans starting today, at no extra cost.

What’s happening in the office right now?

Status Board is a new way to show “right now” availability for larger parts of your office. It’s great digital signage for large format displays (e.g. TV’s), and brings live updates to places your team already works. It’s designed for flexibility, across a handful of visualization modes.The first mode we’re releasing is for Scheduling. Other modes for Maps and Desks visualizations will roll out over the next few months. It’s easy to get up and running, with shareable links you can open anywhere — no login required.

Robin Status Board with office schedule listed

You can, of course, rotate the screen in landscape too. We’re not the TV police.[/caption]With this board, available spaces float to the top of a list made for easy reading. Icons help show which spaces have phones, whiteboards, and other amenities you'll need to get the job done. If the best space is already in use, Status Board shows meeting details so you can coordinate with the people involved.Put one near the front entrance to help guide people into their day, or groups of desks to help people find the best opportunities to split off into a last minute meeting.Status Board is a team player, and works best with other Robin apps. See something you like? Start a new meeting from the room display, or reserve from the mobile app.

Blazing fast setup, simple to manage

You can set up a new Status Board in under 10 seconds — 7 if you’re quick. Getting a new board up and running is a one click operation. Admins will find a new option to add boards under Settings > Devices > Status Boards. Choose what you’d like to show onscreen, and you’ll get an easy-to-share link that opens anywhere — no login required. Don’t worry, you can always change it later if someone shares a bit too publicly by accident.

Today you can set up new board links for all spaces in a building or level. In the next few weeks you’ll also have an option to pick specific spaces (e.g. Pick 3 specific rooms within a floor), so you can curate the finest board presentation for your office.

Works anywhere you can load a website

The bad news is we’re still a few years away from virtual reality. In the meantime, a big television is still a great way to showcase Important Office Things. Status Board works on any modern browser, for screens of all sizes.Built to run nonstop and update automatically, Status Board runs on the same rock solid system powering tens of thousands of room displays every day. It follows the same privacy rules, so you have all the same control over meeting details without any extra configuration. We’re told this kind of thing causes IT folks to experience something close to "happiness".

Room availability from the status board

You can also see a live version on our site in the meantime.

Setting the stage for a more visible office

Too much of the office is invisible. Where does the marketing team sit on this floor? How much of the office is in meetings right now? How long do I have to wait for a free whiteboard? All of these are visibility problems. Over the coming months you’ll continue to see more types of visualization modes for Status Board deployments. If you can make Important Office Things easy to spot, the rest of the day will be a little bit smoother.

What's up next? You’ll soon have options to show Maps (available on the web dashboard today) on Status Board too, including Desk reservations or meetings in progress throughout the floor.

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