The workplace time-fighting duo

Meeting management is a whole lot better with the official pairing of Crestron’s premium room devices and Robin’s easy-to-use resource scheduling software.

Robin + Crestron: The workplace time-fighting duo

Crestron’s room scheduling hardware meets Robin’s calendar software

Admins can rely on Crestron’s durable enterprise-ready devices that are available in kiosk mode and now come preloaded with Robin to plug and play. Use existing devices, purchase new ones, and scale your office wisely.

Meeting attendees can effortlessly tap to check in to rooms using our user-friendly display and build trust with a Google or Outlook add-on scheduling platform that syncs fast and accurately.

  • Already have Crestron? Reach out about getting Robin hooked up on your current devices.
  • Need to purchase Crestron? Talk to us and we’ll help connect you with the right Crestron rep to get the Robin-ready devices.
  • Selling Crestron? Submit your info and we’ll connect with you on the partnership.

Find out more on upgrading your office with Robin + Crestron:

What Robin adds to the Crestron TSS suite of devices

Robin Compass application on Android and iOS phones

Tap into our entire room scheduling ecosystem for conference room booking made easy...

  • Use alongside Google or Outlook calendar systems to make the right meeting room easier to find with photos, amenities, and location
  • Empower people to book a room whether they’re on their laptops, smartphones, or on their feet, scanning nearby rooms for a green display
  • Automatically free up a room if no one checks into a scheduled meeting, making ghost meetings a thing of the past

...and more, making your whole office ready to work

  • Maps and Wayfinding: Easy access to floor plans and available desks, so people can find a colleague or a workspace (or both!)
  • Large Format Digital Signage: Room schedules displayed on TVs in lobbies and hallways to give an extra glance at what’s open and what’s not
  • Scalability: Expand existing or pick out new office space intelligently, with insights that show current workplace usage so you can find the right combination of rooms and amenities.
Find your way around the office with Robin Maps

Robin + Crestron, nobody does it better

“Robin works beautifully on Crestron panels! We absolutely love it. Our Laurier and San-Francisco locations are 100% Robin and Crestron and we plan to retrofit all of our offices to use Robin on Crestron panels instead of iPads.”

Preview customization options:

Crestron tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing that it is available Crestron tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing that it is ready for check in Crestron tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing that it is booked

How Robin and Crestron fight time so you have more of it back in your day

Easier room scheduling interactions on Crestron’s TSS series

Tap the touchscreen once to check-in to a scheduled meeting or start an impromptu one. Robin’s backend will sync automatically with the rest of your calendar system so everyone knows that room is officially off limits.

Can’t show up after all? The platform knows no one’s coming and lets the rest of the system know the room is free. Office end-users clamor over the simplicity and accuracy of our behind-the-scenes coordination.

Robin integrates with Crestron lights

Robin lights up Crestron’s LEDs

Add extra visibility with Crestron’s LED room availability sign. Everyone in the office will know from afar what rooms are free without having to waste timing wandering around the workplace, with a system synced by the second to what’s actually happening in the meeting room.

Automatic updates mean hands-free administration

Updates push from Robin to Crestron to your organization automatically. We’ll give you a heads up, but the platform will magically improve without you having to click a single button, leaving you with a stress-free system that gets better over time.

Hardware your IT department will love, meets software your whole office will enjoy using.

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