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ADA Compliance Checklist: Accessibility in the Workplace

ADA compliance is one of the most important benchmarks an organization can meet. Use this checklist to give your workplace teams the tools to create a compliant, functional, and welcoming office space.

Following the Law: ADA Requirements

Learning the minimum requirements of the ADA is the first step in ensuring your office space is compliant. Fortunately, bringing your space into compliance doesn’t have to be hard. In this checklist, we cover the basics of ADA such as:

  • Clearance and slope considerations for entrances, hallways, and doors.
  • Requirements for desks, tables, and other office furnishings.
  • Wayfinding and touchscreen concerns.

Making Work Better: Accessibility and Inclusivity Upgrades

Going beyond the ADA compliance minimum can create a memorable and comfortable experience for your staff, clients, and visitors. Fortunately, many of these upgrades and touches can be achieved without considerable time or budget investments. This checklist includes suggestions for improving your office:

  • Graphical and tech elements that improve wayfinding.
  • Creating space variety for different work styles.
  • Including designated-use areas in design.

Best-in-Class: Truly Inclusive Design

Creating a space that works for everyone often means addressing what you can’t see. Making the office welcoming for those with “invisible” disabilities sends the message that you truly care about the well-being of every employee and visitor. In this checklist, learn:

  • Ways to embrace and support neurodiversity.
  • How to accommodate hidden physical or mental health challenges.
  • How good policy can encourage employee-led accommodation.
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