How to improve the open office layout with activity-based working

How to improve the open office layout with activity-based working

Originally designed to break down social walls, the open office plan came to be resented as companies crammed in more employees without rethinking their office space. Discover how an activity-based working environment improves the open office.

About this guide

Discover the solution to the open office ills: activity-based working

From lack of privacy to negative health effects, it seems like the list of open office complaints goes on forever. In this guide, you'll discover how activity-based work addresses and combats those complaints and why a flexible office environment is the future of workplace.

What you'll find:

  • Activity-based working benefits including increased productivity and mental, physical and social wellness.
  • Decreased real-estate costs as a result of improved space utilization and analytics.
  • Types of spaces that work well in open offices and activity-based working environments based on employee behavior.
Put activity-based working into practice with tips from ANZ Bank, Publicis and more.

Read up on how companies of all sizes implemented activity-based working in their offices and what success they've seen as a result. Get a list of tips to get started with your employees including making sure your tech is mobile to support flexibility, leveraging IoT to determine what is and isn't working, and focusing on prime factors like sound, air and light to ensure employee satisfaction.

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