Measuring the success of your flexible workplace strategy

Measuring the success of your flexible workplace strategy

Like many companies, COVID-19 highlighted how important flexibility is for your people and in your workplace. You’ve taken steps to adopt flexible work, so now what? In this guide, we outline how to measure the success of a flexible workplace.

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Workplace analytics at its finest

The employee experience should be at the forefront of every workplace transition — especially flexible work. In this guide, you’ll learn various methods to collect and use employee feedback including self-reported methods, survey data, automatic usage data, or specific meeting types.

While employees are a great source of information, their feedback isn’t the full picture of how effectively your flexible workplace is running. We walk through how space, desk, and sensor data paints an objective picture of your flexible work environment.

Drive employee adoption and retention

In order to reap all of the benefits, your flexible work strategy must be widely adopted and championed within the organization. With this guide, you’ll learn how to drive employee adoption and promote your flexible work environment for the world to see.

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