The essential guide to moving office spaces

While moving offices sounds like a headache waiting to happen, it doesn’t have to be. After all, it means you’re growing. We put together a comprehensive guide on office move tips and tricks, best change management practices, and case studies of how some companies handled their own office expansions.


Congratulations! Your company is growing and you need a bigger space. Maybe HR is hiring folks left and right, and you need to make room for new employees likeAmazon and their 900 new jobs in Boston. Or perhaps you’re chasing young talent like Expedia who made the move to Seattle to mingle with creative millennials.

Reasons aside, we empathize with you: moving offices is like moving mountains. And if all you can think about is how stressful the moving process will be, pluck those gray hairs and take a deep breath. We’re here to help.

Get started early, because competition is tight

To get ahead of your office move, we take you step by step in the process from finding the right office space for lease to move-in day. Get tips on:

  • How to find a new office space and communicate to your employees and community about the move
  • What types of technology to consider for the new office
  • How to get activity-based work off the ground
  • Bonus: Get access to how a few of our customers prepped for their own office moves