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Empower people to do their best work

Make every space and desk simple to book and colleagues easy to find. With real-time analytics, ensure every square foot of your office supports employee productivity and engagement for the whole company, even as work changes.

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Your office is getting in the way of work if...

People waste time.

Your team spends too much time looking for spaces, desks, and co-workers, and not enough on the work that matters.

It's too noisy.

People book entire meeting rooms or work from home because the office lacks space to focus, negatively impacting workplace productivity.

Meeting space is used inefficiently.

Two people book rooms fit for 10, meetings go abandoned, and spaces are overbooked, with no visibility into the office schedule.

People steal meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms get stolen by people pulling rank or pleading their case, leaving individuals and groups empty-handed.

Your company lacks data.

Facilities, IT, and office managers have no way of knowing how the office is being used in order to renovate or expand.

Sound familiar? We can help.

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Companies use Robin for...

Office resources

When floor plans are stuck in spreadsheets, issues like overbooked spaces and underused areas surface. Robin makes it easy for workplace leaders to understand and manage space inventory, from meeting room booking permissions to office seating charts to desk reservations, and more.

Scheduling & wayfinding

The average employee wastes 30 minutes every day looking for co-workers and a place to work. Robin makes it easy for people to find and use the best-fit meeting room or the perfect desk using simple office search and map wayfinding cues without wasting time wandering around the office.

Workplace analytics

Stolen rooms? Irritated employees? No quiet spaces? These are signs you can make better use of your office. Workplace analytics surface what’s working well and helps executives learn and adapt to their team’s changing needs. With insights into utilization and space planning recommendations, companies can advance their workplace with confidence.

You'll be in great company

Industry leaders are running their workplace on Robin

Combatting no show meetings and optimizing space use

Fast-growing and increasing workplace efficiency

Making 5000+ employees more self-sufficient

Thousands more use Robin to better their workplace. Read their stories ->

Robin helps you connect your people with the necessary tools and spaces

Maps are the interface of the modern office

Today's workday moves around a lot. Robin makes discoverability easy. You can find and book the right space or seat from any device, right off the floor plan for the best digital workplace experience.

“I love the map tool, where you can search for somebody and go, ‘Oh! They’re actually in the office today. Where are they? There they are on my map.’ It’s a huge timesaver for everyone.”

Heather Metcalfe, Office Manager

Scheduling is the command center for your office calendar

Robin shows you the best space based on availability, equipment, and attendees. And when no one checks into a meeting, the event is removed from the calendar and the conference room is freed up to the rest of the office.

"If you have more than two conference rooms, you could probably benefit from Robin. And if your company is based off of collaboration, brainstorming and teamwork, like ours is, you'll find importance in Robin because it allows people to find the perfect spaces for those activities."

Krista Filingeri, People Operations

Analytics designed to optimize the modern office

Robin maximizes productivity per square foot by surfacing analytics on space utilization. Plan your next office with confidence or adjust the one you already have using actionable suggestions based on your workplace data.

Track and reduce abandoned meetings so others can use the space instead

Discover your office's space demands, and if you're meeting them or not

See how your office is used during peak times

Learn which activities your office needs to support

“We can see which rooms are heavily used and why... then use this feedback to make other spaces more popular. We used analytics to justify our expansion into the 15th floor.”

Jeremy Smith, IT and Facilities Operations

Integrates with the apps you already use and love


Find the right meeting space without ever leaving your calendar whether that's Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange.

Video Conferencing

Connect Robin with Zoom or BlueJeans and include meeting links in events for a smoother conferencing experience.

Group Messaging

Integrate with Slack and you’ll see room availability, your schedule, meeting reminders, and more without ever having to leave the app.

See your office, powered by Robin

Request a demo and we’ll show you how Robin solves the problems that brought you here, share examples of how we’ve done it before, and help you get set up.

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