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Office Design is Nothing Without Killer Flex Spaces

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The Robin Team
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How do you get your best work done? Do you prefer a quiet corner workspace for heads down reading? Is your most creative work done in lounge areas, coffee-shop style? Do you like moving from place to place around the office throughout the day? That’s where flex space comes in.

Whether you’re in an open office or not, flex spaces are areas of the office designed to meet the needs of different styles of work. They give freedom to not only the employees who use them, but also the designers who create them. In flex space land, you’re not chained to your desk. Instead you have the option to get up and move around if and when you please. Oh, and they’re pretty too. Who wouldn’t want to escape to a spherical garden for a 1:1 or a comfy leather couch for some reading?

Here are 5 of the best flex space office designs you wish your office had.

1. LinkedIn - San Francisco

Color, texture, pattern, oh my! Architecture firm IA Interior brought SF’s diverse landscape indoors, creating a community that  “encourages them to explore the building, and features creative design elements that reflect the city and local LinkedIn Members.”

LinkedIn San Francisco flex space open office design

2. JOANY - Los Angeles

Much like the service they sell, JOANY’s LA office was designed to create an environment that makes employees feel healthy and full of vitality. And what better way to do that than to throw some office plants around? (I imagine securing a spot in this spherical garden flex space is equivalent to winning the lottery.)

JOANY Los Angeles flex space office design

3. Grubhub - Chicago

Talk about open; Grubhub’s headquarters epitomizes the collaborative environment that the open office stands for. Lined with flex spaces of all shapes and sizes, employees have plenty of options on where to work.

Grubhub Chicago flex space open office design

4. The Nest - London

Not all flex spaces need that same open design, though. Just take a look at this nook in The Nest’s London coworking space. With sauna-like seating, a whiteboard, and a TV, this flex space has the privacy of a conference room with the feel of a Starbucks.

The Nest London flex space office design

5. One Kings Lane - New York City

It’s no surprise that this home decor company has #designgoals written all over its office. From plush leather couches to a long dining room table, employees can move from workspace to workspace the same way they would at home.

One Kings Lane NYC flex space office design


There’s plenty more creative office flex spaces out there, but we’ll stick to 5 of our favorites for now.

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Sources: Vecteezy, Office Snapshots

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