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Do Hybrid Workplaces Help Employees with Work-life Integration?

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Zach Dunn
Published on

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that remote work has the potential to transform the workspace.

With the return to the office in full swing, those who have settled into a remote work environment may not be ready or want to be in the office full-time yet and prefer a hybrid model.

Employee retention and recruitment

To remain competitive within your industry, offering flexible benefits becomes a big part of attracting and retaining top talent. Options such as a hybrid workweek gives the potential to create a schedule that offers both in-person and remote work experiences to appeal to most employees.

Companies that push for employees to return to the office too soon might face pushback from current and prospective employees. Providing the foundation for people to build their own employee experience within a hybrid environment requires a new approach, supported by tools like Office Pass

Work-life integration is critical to employee engagement

Many people, including parents, have seen the positive impact that remote work has had on their personal lives. Last year’s shift to remote work made people realize how often they were sacrificing family time to their commutes, and many people want to find a better balance. The switch to the remote work environment has seen an increase in work-life integration. Parents have become acclimated to having more time to spend with their family due to working from home.  

But hybrid workplaces don’t just benefit parents; they help most employees regardless of their family status. Many people became caregivers for their loved ones in 2020. Hybrid workplaces offer an opportunity for employees in this situation to proactively care for their families while also keeping up with their daily tasks for work.

Graduate students working full-time can skip the time and costs associated with commuting to the office and school to gain valuable hours to study. Sales professionals, who were the first remote employees for many businesses, now get a fully integrated digital experience to bring with them on the road. As the US continues to open up, sales reps determine whether client interactions should happen online or in real life to give them the best opportunity to close a deal.  

The pandemic has brought a massive shift in the work environment, one that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether working from the office or their living room, employees should choose how and where they work. Rather than going fully remote or requiring people to come back to the office full-time, Robin helps businesses give employees the best of both.

They are free to book a desk when their colleagues are in the office to collaborate on major projects while also being given time to log in remotely for focus work. The traditional workplace model has been flipped on its head, and businesses must support employees’ decisions.  

A hybrid workforce, here to stay

Building a hybrid workplace that offers a solution for work-life integration allows colleagues to collaborate in real-time. Rethinking your current office model with the tools and technology to make a hybrid workweek is central to any business model. Above all, understand that employees may be nervous about coming back into the office and present them with opportunities that fit their course of action.

Reopening your office this year? Robin gives companies the tools to manage a safe return to the office and people the power to make the most of their workplace again. Get started with a demo. 

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