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Office Pass

Delightfully simple access to your workplace, for days you need it. Built for 2021, arriving this April.

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Full support for a great workday

  • Reserve desk and spaces
  • Find teammates
  • Report issues
  • Unlocks doors — Coming soon

The power to manage flexible workweeks

An envelope with a card inside that says "Robinaut Pass" with an avatar.
Grant access to your office

With passes, you have full control over when and how people use the office. Built with safety in mind, from confirming health eligibility to opening the front door.

Manage a safe return

Keep everyone safe with daily confirmation of health eligibility for everyone planning to use the office.

Customize by department

Give each team access to everything they need to work together again, from desks to meeting rooms. Or, share plans to work remotely.

Full support for a great workday

An image with a two rows of desks, a table, and a bulletin board with avatars shown to represent employees.
Work together again

Do a day at the office for heads down work — or find out where and when to join your team.

An office map with two avatars and an icon.
Reserve desks or meeting spaces

When you decide to work in-office, booking the right desks, rooms, and people is easy — and instantly available on mobile.

Various screen images of our product. Starting on the left a map display, mobile ui, ipad, and list view of a kiosk.

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