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Robin Return: A Workplace Experience Tool for a Safe Return to Office

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Sam Dunn
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We’ve officially bundled a collection of our tools into Robin Return, making it simpler for companies to understand how we can support their unique return plan plus any longer term strategies. From socially distant floor plans and contact tracing to flexible seating and way-finding, organizations can leverage the power of Robin to prep for day one back and beyond.

A socially-distant floor plan is the first step in the longer term evolution of the office.

Employee experience is more important now than ever

As customers like Ciena, Elastic, and Mimecast have found, employees want to feel informed, safe, comfortable, and confident if and when they decide to head into the office -- whether that’s for a single day, alternating weeks, or whatever combination works best for them. Robin Return makes it simple for workplace admins to plan each phase of reopening by helping employees feel safe and confident knowing office capacity is regulated, hand sanitizer is at their desk pod, and teammates are seated nearby on any given day.

“On average, only 13 percent of employees are interested in returning to the office right now,” said Sam Dunn, CEO and Co-Founder of Robin. “Said another way, the workplace needs to earn its people back and software that can help employees maximize their in-office experience is key.”

Give employees visibility and choice.

Robin Return includes the following tools: 

  • Distance planning: Get a birds-eye view of your entire workplace and set up socially distanced seating plans that allow for your ideal capacity.
  • Health checkpoint: Automatically send a quick health screen for employees to complete right off their phone before coming on-site.
  • Flexible seating with interactive maps: Offer bookable seating options and way-finding from a map via desktop, in-office kiosk, or mobile app.
  • Contact tracing: Confirm individual and team use of workstations through desk check-in data. Easily track conference room and bookable space usage.
  • Workplace analytics: Including new dedicated desk insights, get answers to questions like, “Who was in the office and when?” and “Do we have enough desks?”
A quick health screening through health checkpoint to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the office.

What customers have to say about Robin Return

“Rave reviews.”
“A game changer.” 

“Robin has taken the guesswork out of occupancy planning to safely reopen our workplaces,” said Corey Williams, regional workplace lead for the Americas at Elastic, a global search and data analytics company using Robin in its 38 offices not only for phasing office re-openings, but also for a long-term distributed workplace strategy. 

“Requiring only a few clicks, the desk distancing tool allows us to quickly establish capacity limits across all of our offices. Providing the visuals of safely-distanced workstations along with transparency around office utilization, will empower our employees with the confidence they need to decide on a safe return to the workplace.”

Understand utilization for contact tracing and future workplace improvements.

Flexibility now on every company’s long term roadmap

Longer term, work from home is here to stay as workplace strategies will predominantly include the flexibility to work remotely when desired.

Robin Return is the perfect partner for those longer term plans too. It’s customizable to fit the exact workplace experience an organization wants to cultivate and provides employees with the knowledge and options they need to decide where and how they’ll work on any given day.

“Even if companies can address concerns about office safety, around 75 percent of employees say a mix of office-based and remote working is the best way forward post COVID-19,” continued Dunn. “When COVID-19 subsides, working from home will remain popular, and that will force companies to become more flexible. Simply put, the work-from-home genie is out of the bottle.” 

Speak with our team about Robin Return today.

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