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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Robin and Konica

Today we’re happy to announce that we have a new supporter in the mission to make work better -- Konica Minolta is joining our roster of investors, alongside Fundfire, Trani Capital, Ty Danco, Tony Kreisel, Matt Peters, and Brennan White.

Konica Minolta has been a dominating player in the the workplace equipment arena. With their support and experience, we’re gearing up to be a big part of the modern workplace. Here's what they had say about it:

"We are excited to be partnering closely with Robin Powered and are really impressed with how they are leveraging presence sensing technology to define the workplace of the future. Their intuitive solution drives efficiency and fluid collaboration in office spaces."Ekta Sahasi, Vice President Business Innovation Center, Konica Minolta.

In the few short months since we’ve launched in beta, we've learned a lot about how work actually, well, works. About half the meetings Robin sees are unscheduled and never would have appeared on the calendar without auto-booking. Previous industry studies said that number was about a third.

We’ve gotten in the hands of over 150 organizations, including folks like OFS Brands and Brivo Labs as a way to bring the work experience into a future we'd all like to see.On the product side, this month also marked the release of a brand new tablet app for upgrading meeting spaces, and a beta launch of our presence API's. Now you can build apps that respond based on who is in the room. Onward!

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