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ICYMI: Product Updates in May 2017

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The Robin Team
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Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in the official changelog.

Options to add levels and campuses

We added two optional categories to accommodate your expanding empire: levels and campuses. Group nearby buildings into campuses and organize spaces into levels.

Read more about organizing your office using campuses and levels, then change obscure descriptive room names like“NYC-BuildingA-Floor33-MeetingRoom” to something more fun.

Revamped Office Settings

In May, we continued making improvements to the way you manage settings for the whole office. Settings for all spaces and buildings now live in one place: Settings>Offices As part of the ongoing effort to streamline the way you update spaces and buildings in Robin, we made it easier to keep your space information up to date. Spaces now have options to manage basic information (e.g. capacity, amenities) directly within office settings.

Space analytics: typical meetings & new RSVP data

The meetings that happen (or don't happen) in each space are important. We're introducing typical meetings and better meeting data for individual spaces.Now in individual spaces you'll get a breakdown of confirmed vs unconfirmed meetings, as well as attendee numbers and typical meetings. See how hard each space in your office works and how people are generally using it.

Highlight accessible spaces in your office

You can now state a space is accessible, which implies it meets your local standards for accessibility. Omitting it will hide the icon, rather than say “Not accessible”, so feel free to only mark spaces that apply.


• When loading an infinite series (i.e. recurring events without end dates), we will no longer load infinite results.• For a hot second, some folks couldn’t create new meetings from the “Schedule” timeline view - that’s fixed now.• Space amenities now automatically update upon editing• Fixed an issue where a campus without assigned buildings was disabling search.• Fixed an issue where once assigned, buildings could not be unassigned from campuses.• The option to logout of the plugin now does not appear before you even log in. You can't quit before you even start.• When leaving the plugin, viewing details about a space or completing a booking in the web dashboard won't ask you to login again.• Our beloved Slackbot, Robinbot, now remembers your default location.

Odds and Ends

• We renamed locations buildings to make way for campuses. Confused? See the overview of Office Hierarchy.• Report exports have a new place to call home: Analytics>Exports• Admins can now enable editing for synced events. This doesn’t come with superpowers: you still can only edit an event if you have permission.• We now use median values when displaying event duration in analytics. Marathon meetings and huge events won’t skew typical meeting data.• UX updates such as fancy icons for Accessibility and Levels.

What’s Next

In no particular order, here's what folks around the Robin office are thinking about next:• We’re going to keep bringing useful data (and beautiful charts) to analytics.• Finding past billing invoices could be easier.• Suggestions for booking events based on what's normal for your company.For a longer view, check out the public roadmap.

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