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ICYMI: Product Updates in August 2017

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The Robin Team
Published on

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog.

Introducing Rooms v3

We released a major update to our Rooms app that gives room displays a fresh look and better discoverability of existing features. We also added a ton of device management features for the heroes who keep tabs on the flock of iPads around your office.Check out the announcement post and update your fleet of room displays today.

Stronger search + filters in your native calendar

Updates to our beloved plugin include a cleaner way to search across the office and get right to your location. We also rolled out an update that expands the login options to include SAML.Introducing the plugin to your team? Share the new guides to using the plugin for Google and Outlook.

Setting default locations and search updates

We gave Office Search a makeover this summer with the introduction of the Omnibar and Suggested Spaces. With the newest update, it’s easy to select your default location directly from Office Search.As 20% of you already knew, setting your default location saves time each time you search the office for relevant spaces. Because being in two buildings at once is impossible, default locations allow Office Search to prioritize the place you usually work.For magicians or people who need to search across multiple buildings and levels, filtering will look a little different:

• Always know where you are looking with bigger font for location-based filters.

• Selecting "All Buildings" within a campus is now a one-click option.

Odds and Ends

System Status now shows more information about room displays. Once you update to v3, you’ll see battery levels, version, and network connectivity.

• Event descriptions are not visible unless you are an admin in Robin, or an organizer / invitee to that event. Snooping privileges revoked.

• Navigating to Settings lands you right at Office Settings. Previously we brought you directly to Organization Settings.

• We added indications to the billing page so you know when your invoices are paid/pending/failed.


• For about an hour, some people were unable to use the plugin after we shipped a new release. Restored access means everyone can enjoy the plugin’s wonder.

• We fixed an issue that briefly caused events created in the web dashboard to recur. The accidental repeats have been removed.

Schedule view was loading infinitely loading infinitely - until we put a stop to it.

• UX fixes include making sure invitees with long email addresses no longer fall off the edge of an event page.

• Fixed an issue that caused false alarm when adding spaces. Now you don’t need to refresh the page to see your brand new space.

• Admins attempting to export event data were running into issues receiving emailed reports. The information superhighway is open again.

What’s Next

In no particular order, here’s what folks at Robin are thinking about:

Activity Feed could highlight edited events, so you know the 11AM Marketing Meeting was unbooked because no one checked in.

• Showing cancelled events in the updated Rooms v3 feature, Today’s Schedule. Strikethrough let’s you know that an event was removed or unbooked.

• Setting maximum meeting lengths: prevent well-intentioned overachievers from starting three hour long meetings from the room display.

• Segmented issue reporting by support addresses so IT issues should go to IT, amenities to Facilities.

Find another space in the room display could show even more info - like accessible spaces.

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