Goin' to Kansas City...Kansas City here I come

Sam Dunn
Sam Dunn
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Kicking off our rally cry to revolutionize the workplace, Robin will be making the trip to Kansas City, MO for the annual Global Coworking Unconference Conference from May 1st through the 3rd.

Brendan and I are eager to connect with everyone about technology, operations and partnerships.GCUC (pronounced Juicy) describes itself was the world’s largest coworking conference in the world. It represents a passionate group of people who find opportunities in working alongside people and teams you wouldn’t find in a typical office scenario. We are excited to be a part of a group from Boston that includes Bill Jacobson from Workbar and Jesse Levin founder of Tactivate.

Boston’s startup ecosystem is fueled by large numbers of students graduating every year who decide to stay in the area. The collective enthusiasm and talent keeps the wheels of innovation turning and creates a strong demand for shared office space. When talking to owners of current coworking spaces, it doesn’t take long until we hear of a new location or plans to increase the existing space.

We are excited to share what’s happening in Boston while at the conference, but our primary interest is in learning about what coworking folks in other cities are doing to redefine the workplace environment. Jamie Russo from Enerspace posted the “must-dos” at the conference and we’re happy she did. Taking her advice, here is what our conference prep looks like:

  1. We want to find passionate people who are uncomfortable with what the workplace is today.
  3. We want to learn about frustrations with the current model of collaborations, interaction and communication.
  5. We want to build relationships with coworking spaces to make spaces smarter and more adaptive to people.

Doing a quick online search for Kansas City, I’ve learned it’s famous for three things: BBQ, fountains and Google fiber. But for three days in May, it will be the coworking capital of the world and we’re pretty excited to be a part of it.Now, point me towards some of that BBQ!