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How to Best Leverage Space Management Tools in Your Office Space

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Becky Chariton
Published on

Getting people into the office is about meeting your team's needs, ensuring they have the right resources and enough office space and meeting rooms to support their day-to-day. As many companies embrace more flexible workplace strategies employee needs will start to look different. That’s why space management is so important. 

Space or workplace management refers to the process of designing, organizing, maintaining, and optimizing the physical layout of office workspaces. It’s about building an office where people want to be and can do their best work. But identifying exactly how much space your teams need won't always be straight forward.

Space management is a process that can help you build the best office for your people, and leveraging the right tools will make it easier for you to get the job done.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how to best utilize space management software to make long-lasting improvements. Let’s dive in.

What are Space Management Tools?

Space management tools are software or technology-based tools that help you manage meeting rooms, book desks, welcome visitors, and analyze data. With the right tools, you can maximize efficiency and improve office space utilization, while getting the most out of your workplace investments.

These tools give you a better look at the overall state of the office and allow your facility and IT teams to better evaluate office space usage. With an interactive floor plan and data, you can better:

  • Track supplies and resource needs
  • Understand space utilization trends
  • Implement space planning
  • Manage visitor analytics

Space management software allows you to keep up with the ever-changing demands of a flexible work environment, giving you the ability to easily evaluate your workspace and make improvements or changes to available space as needed.

With the right office space management software solutions you can cover everything from facilities management to space allocation. Easily implement better office space management solutions so you can improve workplace experience.

The Value of Better Office Space Utilization Practices

Between January 2023 and June, we saw a 20% increase in total desk bookings. With more people utilizing the office it’s crucial to implement better space management practices. Managing meeting rooms and resources, and making your office space as flexible and accommodating as possible should be a top priority.

The office has been in a constant state of change since 2020, and while companies are eager to get people back into their space not everyone is adapting at the rate they should be.

Space management is about creating an office space that will work best for your teams and properly fit their needs. You must find the balance between productivity and comfort.

The right workplace tools can help you set up a work environment people are eager and motivated to be in. Properly implementing space management practices allows you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Minimize waste
  • Incentivize employees to return to the office
  • Enhance collaboration

According to a recent report, 73% of managers using a workplace experience platform reported being empowered to execute on their flexible or hybrid workplace strategy.

Getting it right means increasing time spent in the office and improving the workplace experience for everyone on your team. Leveraging workplace management tools will save you time and make a lasting impact on your office space.

How to Best Leverage Space Management Software in Your Office Space

There are many ways to use a space management solution to benefit your office space. From desk and room booking to meeting room management and wayfinding features to space planning, here are 3 ways to leverage workplace tools in your office.

1. Resource Booking

Resource booking should be a simple process for anyone trying to come into your office. Whether they're looking for desks, a meeting room, parking spaces, or other office space, it should be easy for them to see what's available where and when.

Space management software allows you to easily manage your resources, enhance collaboration, and streamline the check in process for all of your employees. When your teams can easily find the right space or desk you eliminate confusion and allow your teams to get right to work.

Plus having all of your resource management tools in one place makes it easy for your IT and facilities teams to make updates and manage your office space accordingly.

2. Workplace Analytics

Data-driven decisions are the best kind of decisions. Workplace analytics allow you to gain useful insights into your office and real time data, so you can make informed decisions that best support your workplace.

If you want to better support your teams then finding space management software with workplace analytics is crucial. With workplace data, you can stop guessing and start planning for a more efficient workplace. With the right space allocation software, you can:

  • Analyze desk usage
  • Visualize room activity
  • Simplify reporting

Key insights can support accurate space allocation and management, making it easier for you to efficiently plan your office space.

Some space management software uses automation to give you predictive data visualization. This allows you to see the expected data for any given day in the future, allowing you to optimize your office space and plan for long term needs.

3. Visitor Management Platform

More employees in the office means more opportunities for office guests. Office guests can be anyone from a job candidate to a vendor to a potential business partner. No matter who is visiting your office, make sure their experience is a positive one.

Space management software can help you streamline the experience for office visitors and keep track of who visited your office space and when. Many space management software solutions keep up to date records of office visits, send automatic notifications to employees when guests arrive, and assist with document prep when needed.

Better Workplace Management Starts Here

Optimizing your space can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Using a full space management platform and software like Robin makes it easy to manage your space and support your team's needs.

Putting your teams first should always be your priority and space management software can help you prepare, so you never skip a beat. Quickly and easily address any hurdles standing in the way of your teams and make lasting improvements that will benefit workplace experience.

The right software will support space planning, and facilities management, and offer key features like workplace analytics and visitor management.

Interested in learning more about space management software? Robin can help. Read now to learn more about the benefits of finding the right workplace solution for you.

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