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The day at your fingertips: Introducing mobile v3

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The Robin Team
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If you’re like most people, you attend more meetings each week than you organize. These are the check-ins and team calls that show up on your calendar with a colleague’s invitation. Personal appointments make their way onto your schedule too; to meet a friend for lunch, or the reminder to pick up your dry-cleaning. These events form the backbone of your week. They define the blocks of time for accomplishing each day's most meaningful work.

We're excited to introduce the new Robin mobile app which helps you manage your entire day and find the right spaces in which to work.

Your schedule: an overview of your day

We've redesigned the app with your schedule front and center, making it easier to view and manage upcoming events.Link to the calendars you use regularly and see a complete picture of your day. Events on your work calendar will sync with Robin, and the lunch date on your personal calendar remains visible just to you.

Create events in (or out) of your office

Tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new event, and easily find and add an available space. Scheduling an activity out of the office? Swap to a personal calendar, or simply choose not to add a space. 

Event actions for managing your meetings

When you create events in Robin powered spaces, such as those in your office, you’ll have an extra set of scheduling tools at your disposal.

  • Grab a room ad hoc for your next meeting
  • Confirm events you know you’ll be attending to avoid auto-cancellation
  • Extend your reservation when you realize your meeting is running 10 minutes over, or end your meeting early to free the room up for others
  • Quick-book spaces from the app, or just by taking a seat at the table (requires presence)
  • Get reminders when another event is about to start

Browse and book available space

Just like in the previous version, the office tab shows which spaces in your default location are currently available for team meetings or ad hoc phone calls. We've now made it easier to view multiple locations at once, and to filter results based on criteria like start time, capacity, or amenities.

Find the right space for your events

Preview spaces before booking them, or see where your upcoming event will take place. The trimmed down space details view serves up the most relevant information. This includes the space's availability, amenities and notes, and directions to navigate from your current location (requires an integration with Meridian).The full agenda for each space is still available within the web dashboard for office admins and others who may be responsible for managing meetings they're not a part of.

What’s next?

We’ve redesigned the mobile app based on user feedback and a deeper understanding of how folks interact with Robin. We've learned that most people care about when and where they need to be next, and just 30% of employees book the majority of events in any given office.Most importantly, we've rewritten the iOS and Android apps from the ground up and are now able to release new features, bug fixes, and improvements continuously.

In practice, this means we're no longer held to app store review cycles for most releases, and you'll immediately receive available updates when you open the app.Over the coming months, expect to see additional contextual notifications, smarter links in the sidebar, and new ways to interact with your colleagues and events. Check out the latest release notes from the app's settings to see what's new.We’d love to hear your feedback on the latest set of updates - let us know what what we should build next!

Version 3.0 is available now for iOS and Android.

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