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New Look, Same Name: Robin, Reimagined

hybrid work, workplace experience
The Robin Team
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Some people say hybrid work is having a moment. Not us. We see a movement, one we’re leading side by side - with organizations like yours. 

We believe work should be flexible, productive and fulfilling and we help you deliver on those experiences. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our 2023 brand. 

The time is now. In this digital and disruptive age, there’s a historic opportunity for companies to redefine their workplace strategies.  We haven’t seen such a massive shift in the way we work since the industrial revolution.

Let’s Streamline Workplace Experience

The office and the people in it are the focal point of any good hybrid workplace strategy. Yet countless companies have run into trouble rolling out hybrid work policies and guidelines, managing resources and filling up their spaces. That’s because the logistics of hybrid work still remain a roadblock for many companies.

That's where Robin comes in. Our platform empowers your team to roll-out, execute, measure, and adapt your workplace plans. It’s time to embrace a new model for the workplace, one where choice and connection coincide for better business outcomes. An approach that honors employee choice without compromising the vibrancy and collaboration that comes from in-office work. 

We believe this is not just possible — it’s essential to the future of business success. And it’s made possible by Robin. 

Employees at conference table

What This Means for Our Customers

Robin is a workplace experience platform that provides software solutions to support hybrid companies. In practice, that looks like taming the complexity that can come with hybrid work - for both employers and employees. 

From creating processes so seamless that interacting with the office becomes second nature, to making information visible so people can make better decisions when planning - we’re your sidekicks for great days at work. Decisions around the office can be made swiftly and confidently — ensuring nothing gets in the way of a productive, fulfilling workplace experience.  

Our new brand demonstrates our commitment to a holistic, people-centered approach to hybrid work. Let’s create high performing, hybrid organizations where efficiency and joy go hand in hand. Let’s create a world where work and our lives can co-exist more effectively. Let’s achieve the best possible workplace experience, together.

A New Look For A Renewed Mission

Just like we're helping modern businesses redefine how they view the workplace, we're also defining something bolder. Something new. Something built for the future. We know workplace strategy isn’t static. The way you manage your workforce is a journey, not a destination. 

A high-performing workplace not only adeptly manages resources, but first and foremost cares for its people. It’s about hybrid work and human connections. People are the best business investments. Let’s keep investing in building spaces that support and engage our teams so they can do what they do best. 

Robin logo

Our New Logo

A logo mark is also an essential part of any identity. Our new mark dares to be different, speaking directly to an audience of workplace leaders looking to reimagine how work gets done.

Meet our mark, it’s a visual representation of coming together. Reminiscent of a table, it builds on the attributes of the Robin brand, it speaks to who we are as a company, communicating our mission and vision of coming together and changing the way we work.

With Robin, room reservations become social hubs. Desk bookings go from hard surfaces to fresh head spaces. Every workspace is more than a resource - they’re channels that employees want and use to deeply connect with each other, their work, and your company’s mission. We can help you create workplaces where everyone has (and wants!) a seat at the table.

Robin's rebranded color palette

A Winning Color Palette

Robin red served us well since 2014 but it was time for a change. We wanted to go bold. We needed something to stand out. Our new palette leads with a single color: magenta. 

It’s a color that adds energy, and depth to our identity. Inspiring confidence and optimism via a memorable color palette, used consistently. Not to mention, it snagged Pantone’s 2023 Color of The Year Award (We picked it first, we swear!).

We have also introduced a new visual motif across our site. In Swedish and other Nordic and European countries, the idiom “red thread” refers to a core idea or theme in a narrative work. It connects things. Strings them together. In our visual identity, the magenta thread connects everything we do. It’s our purpose and mission. It’s our mark on the world, and it connects all of our visuals. 

Robin's photography style

Visuals that Reflect our Purpose

When looking at photography, we wanted to ensure our new brand made use of visuals that embody Robin’s people before places philosophy. We landed on three core themes: 

  • Hybrid Community
  • Beautiful Workspaces
  • The Whole Human

These three pillars allow us to explore themes of collaboration and togetherness in our working lives. We aim to emphasize the role community plays in any thriving workplaces. With the Whole Human, full-body portraits represent the full breadth of a person’s existence - inside the office and outside of it.

An Exciting Next Chapter for Robin

We're very excited about this next chapter of our journey and the future value we can unlock together with you. 

Stay tuned for more as our teams continue to evolve our product into the ultimate tool for your workplace.

Ready to unleash the potential of your workplace? Get started with Robin, for free.

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Does your office collaboration need a reboot?

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