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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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In July we announced Search 2.0, which was a total rewrite of our original office space search. For the past few months we’ve been working on our event scheduler to compliment the progress we’ve made on the dashboard to make finding and booking meetings even easier. Today we have a few new features to tell you about that do just that.

Meetings on your schedule now detect links

In our August update blog post, we showed you a sneak peek of what our new link detection capabilities would be. That feature is now live, so when you book meetings in your native calendar with Zoom or Bluejeans links for example, Robin will detect and show those things right in the meeting description, making it easy to jump right in.

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Meeting organizers and admins will find extra options for managing events on their schedule as well via the new “Actions” dropdown. This also includes things like “Book a follow up” and “Message invitees”.

Confirm your meetings in advance

As part of this effort, you can now confirm events up to 2 hours in advance via the dashboard, instead of just at the door on the room display.


Automatically cancel abandoned meetings

Until this update, room displays with automatic un-booking enabled removed unconfirmed events after ten minutes. We picked this default originally after seeing a sharp drop off of meeting attendance that started over ten minutes late. But after listening to your feedback, we increased the flexibility in how much time you could wait before a room un-books itself. Now, you can customize how long the room will wait before auto un-booking if no one checks into the meeting.


Try these features out

It's easy to test these new features out. Just head on over to your dashboard to get started. New to Robin? A free test account will help show you what we've been working on.