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Search 2.0 - The Foundation of a Smart Office

screenshot of Robin platform and Search 2.0
The Robin Team
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When we first built Robin’s dashboard a few years ago, the goal was simple: to give you a place to easily find the right room for your meeting.

Since then, it’s gone through several facelifts and improvements including the ability to see which rooms are being used and an overview of what’s going on around the office. But today begins a new journey, as we introduce our latest version of search -- a search that lays the groundwork for the future of the smart office.

Search 2.0 is an extension of your office, helping you quickly find and choose the best options for each meeting across multiple locations.

The new and improved office search engine

It’s 10x faster than before, heavily built off of your feedback across hundreds of thousands of meetings.

An easier way to search spaces and people

Thoughtless meetings are the worst. There’s a reason you need to find the right space for your meeting: each calendar invite impacts the days of other people. The Robin dashboard aims to help solve that problem, but we also heard from you that it can feel a bit cluttered and difficult to know where to start.

Browsing and searching at the same time can get a bit tedious, so we wanted to make that much easier.The new search helps you quickly filter what you care most about, such as amenities and types of space with a dash of color to make the process much more exciting. Pages are much cleaner too, with a single focus in mind: to find the right space.


We also cleaned up the way that you view pages, to help you hone in on the best options for each event, quickly being able to toggle locations with just a few clicks.


You can even personalize your dashboard, uploading a logo and it’ll show up each time you log in.


Smart office 101: Finding the best room for you

The new search is all about finding the best room for you. If you’re looking for a meeting at 2pm with an Apple TV that fits 4 people, the perfect room might not be available at the exact time you need it.

But Robin will show you alternate times that have exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe the perfect room is just 30 minutes after the time you wanted? Robin will show you options for your desired time first, but then show you what time the perfect match is available as well.

Let’s see the new search in action


We want to help your teams work better together. Starting with finding the right room size, amenities, location, and more can help your teams better find and manage spaces to get the best work done. And with this, the foundation for the smart office is established, which we're super excited to see evolve.We couldn’t be more excited to get this latest feature update into your hands. Heck, we’d be thrilled if this turned into your office homepage.

How to make sure you’re fully prepared for search

Check out this support doc to help you get started:

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