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ICYMI: Product updates in January 2018

Robin Product updates in January 2018
The Robin Team
Published on

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog.

First up - video conferencing integrations

We're constantly improving ways to get things done within Robin. Creating an event should be quick and easy, and we're excited to share the latest and greatest updates making that possible: video conferencing integrations.

Now you can create an event, invite team members, book the right space, and add a link to BlueJeans and Zoom conference calls, all without leaving Robin. Once connected, our mobile app supports creating and joining video conference calls.For more info on the integrations, check out our Guides to using Zoom and BlueJeans in Robin.

Everything is under control: introducing Scheduling Policies

Better permissions mean fewer moved meetings & schedule adjustments, and happier employees. New scheduling policies allow you to set more granular permissions on a space-by-space basis, so everyone knows how to best use meeting spaces in your office.

Here's a look at what you can manage:

  • Want to make sure the room isn't booked for more than 2 hour blocks? Set the maximum reservation length.
  • Restrict bookings with max future date and limit the number of meetings reserved too far ahead of time.
  • Too many recurring events hogging a popular room? Remove the option to reserve with recurrence.

Check out scheduling policies from Office Settings > Spaces.Next up: Apply scheduling policies to all of the spaces in a level/building/campus.

New Year, New Schedule View

Now in Schedule -- your availability displayed in the office timeline.

It's easy to spot time for a quick meeting on your calendar and make sure a preferred space is available. Book directly from Schedule, finish details, and add invitees from the Event Composer.

Odds & Ends

  • Be more bold (or italic) with HTML event descriptions
  • Rate limit issues getting you down? The setting "Disable invitees" will do the trick. It's great for multi tenant organizations, like co-working spaces (and Admins who want meetings to feel lonely.)
  • Also new to the Schedule - narrow your focus to the spaces nearest you with the option to filter by level.


  • Memory issues led to the Rooms app crashing on some iOS displays. This was mitigated with quick releases by our Rooms team, app versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2. This is fully resolved with the next release, 3.1.0, out soon.
  • Some lucky ghost meetings slipped by unnoticed - we fixed an issue where events were not auto-unbooking when they were supposed to.
  • A series of unfortunate repeating events: we'll no longer delete the whole series if you edit the first instance.
  • Patched a glaring issue: some devices were reverting to 100% brightness, in spite of their settings. Glare be gone.
  • Some weekly digest emails and data exports contained incorrect event counts. We now crunch numbers correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where timezones in the event composer and Schedule > Calendar page did not match.
  • Device Status filters were missing from System Status - they are now back in action.
  • Registering for an account via SSO threw strange errors for a handful of people.
  • For a brief moment, our Support chat feature wasn't available. Don't worry -- we patched this quickly. You can always contact Ben, Dan, and Lauren using the chat in the bottom right of your screen.

What's Next?

Not using Zoom or BlueJeans to video conference? Fear not -- other integrations are on the way! Next up: Skype for Business and WebEx.We're working on bringing schedules to the bigger screen - you can expect updates that broadcast space availability and information in a central, large display.

February app store updates for the Room Display will roll out a ton of things we're excited about. Features like MDM support, faster ways to end meetings, custom color overlays, displaying today's date (for people who constantly forget what day it is) and support for some flashy LED light cases.

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