2016: Year in Review

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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2016 was a big year for Robin in the workplace -- as we aim to help coordinate more parts of the office, we wanted to take a look back at some of the biggest features shipped this year.

The Web Dashboard

The Robin scheduling dashboard had the biggest visual and functional refresh of the year. The biggest improvement was Search 2.0, which was about finding and booking the right room, with the right things, at the right time. Custom theming and personalization made the Robin experience feel even more integrated with your office.

  • Smart link detection (Skype for Business, Webex, BlueJeans, etc)
  • Space types to choose from (Classroom, Huddle, Project, Event, Listening)
  • Dedicated, linkable pages for your calendar events
  • Toggle between Robin events and personal events
  • Meetings can now be confirmed up to two hours in advance
  • Track down underperforming rooms
  • Improved information and diagnostics on device vitals
  • Edit live events for last minute changes (more people, certain amenities needed, etc)
  • Robin Rooms

    The Rooms App has been the foundation for what Robin does since the company’s inception. It helps employees know what rooms are truly free, and unbooks roughly 21% of meetings that no one shows up to. In 2016, the team focused on making the room display app even more reliable for your organization.

  • New screen dimming schedules
  • Replacing passwords with PIN numbers for faster, more efficient room pairing
  • Control meeting attendees, meeting titles and whether or not the meeting organizer is visible
  • Report a problem with the room from the display
  • Customization to reflect the branding and room of your choosing
  • Mobile

    One of our most exciting projects of 2016 is something that’s planned for 2017: the release of the new Robin mobile app. It’s a total rewrite of the current mobile app, and puts your calendar front and center. We teased a couple of screenshots recently, so I’ll leave one here, but more to share soon.


    What’s Coming in 2017

    You’ll see a newly overhauled marketing site, a new mobile app, and partnerships to make scheduling in the workplace even easier. See you in 2017!