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Robin announces record quarter and continued momentum as businesses head back to the office

The Robin Team
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Hybrid workplace platform sees 320% YoY growth in Q2; Welcomes new customers including Snyk, Harvard University, Whoop and Quickbase


Boston, MA – August 4, 2021 – Robin, the first workplace platform that puts people before places, today announced accelerated company growth as businesses around the world solidify their plans for the return to the office (RTO). Within the first six months of 2021, the company generated a 320% increase in YoY ARR, 150% YoY increase in new customers including Whoop, Quickbase, Harvard University and Snyk, and is on track to grow headcount by 50%.  

With a global workforce preparing to head back into the office, uncertainty surrounding the return is palpable as workers are split between wanting the continued flexibility of remote work and the camaraderie and culture of an office. The uncertainty isn’t just anecdotal, EY’s 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey found that nine in ten employees want continued work flexibility, and more than half would consider quitting their jobs if they were forced back into the office permanently.  

Workplace leaders are increasingly setting employee-centric policies within their RTO strategy, empowering their people to choose where and how they work. Robin’s workplace platform simplifies this, making it easy to book desks, meeting spaces, and other office assets via desktop or mobile utilizing interactive maps. To maximize collaboration, employees can also see the other employees or teams present in the office and plan their week accordingly. Robin’s platform reduces RTO friction in the employee experience and makes the idea of the hybrid workplace an achievable reality.  

In June 2021, the U.S. reached 20% average office capacity - up more than 10% since March, according to Robin’s data. The rise signals a growing majority of companies that have decided what their workplace model will be moving forward. Financial services organizations have been clear – it’s back to the office full time – while tech companies such as Twitter will allow employees to work remotely or in the office, whichever they choose. Regardless of the approach, workplace management software is critical to ensure employees are engaged and productive. 

“Many businesses are unsure of how to implement a hybrid work model that appeals to workers while providing actionable insights for leaders to build an exceptional employee experience,” said Zach Dunn, co-founder and VP of Customer Experience at Robin. “We’re seeing an enormous demand for our platform because it strikes a balance between employee empowerment and workplace controls for management. This is the beginning of an exciting office evolution and we’re proud to be a guide for businesses who care about their people as much as the work that they do.”  

Customers leveraging the Robin platform include Whoop, makers of the elite fitness tracker of the same name, no-code operational agility platform, Quickbase, Harvard University and developer security platform, Snyk

“When approaching Snyk’s RTO, our overarching goals were to support the safety and health of our entire global workforce as well as continue to provide our distributed teams with the flexibility to do their very best work each day,” said Diana Marchese, Director of People Experience, Snyk. “Robin has empowered Snykers by ensuring that their first steps back into the office have been confident, well-informed ones. Our people managers also love the tool as it provides us with the continuous insights we need to best determine how our teams want to work as we continue to evolve our comprehensive RTO strategy over time.”


For more information about Robin and to schedule a demo, please click here. For open opportunities to join the Robin team, visit


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