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We’re an official partner of Google Workspace, so teams can work together again

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Gabrielle Dalvet
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Many of us miss the office and collaboration tops the chart of reasons why. As companies reopen the workplace, empowering teams to work together in the office again is an important step to support both company culture and group productivity. The proof is in the plans: workplace consultants have seen a notable increase in the percentage of collaboration spaces for 2021 architectural plans.

Robin has partnered with Google Workspace to help teams collaborate in-person and virtually

We’re thrilled to announce that Robin has teamed up with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to provide the perfect blend of meeting room functionality to workplaces all over the globe. 

With this partnership, Google Workspace subscribers will now have access to an exclusive offer to bring meeting rooms back online with digital signage to support teams returning to the office. 

Robin’s room display software gives direct access to find and book the best meeting rooms, even if you haven’t planned ahead, and Robin keeps Google Calendar up to date, so you can focus on the work that matters. You can keep track of space availability, book impromptu meetings, and remove abandoned ones automatically — all synced with Google Calendar:

  • Start, extend, or end a meeting from the door
  • See upcoming meetings — with controls for how much detail is shown
  • Remove abandoned meetings automatically with check-ins
  • Share what each room can do by tagging amenities, so everyone can find the best fit room every time.

“Robin shares our passion in making the workplace thoughtfully connected with smart, flexible solutions," said Smita Hashim, a Director of Product Management for Google Workspace. "We're excited to be working with them to bring even more seamless control over shared spaces and meeting rooms to our joint customers."

Upgrade to whole workplace with desk booking and power your hybrid office

Whenever you reopen, people will choose when they work remotely and when they work in the office. As the office becomes more on-demand, you’ll no longer have everyone in the same place at the same time.

Tools like Robin can empower employees to plan their work weeks with confidence and give you visibility into how your office is being used.

Google Workspace subscribers will also have the option to upgrade for:

  • Desk management, including flexible seating
  • Customizable branding
  • Workplace analytics and data exports
  • Health screening, distance planning, and more to support your office return

If you’re a Google Workspace (G Suite) subscriber interested in learning more about Robin, schedule time with our team here

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