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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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It's a big day. We’re proud to announce our initial seed funding for Robin, our way of rebooting how people think of the workplace.

Today, we're happy to share a big step towards that goal --  our first close of $1.4m from the excellent people at Atlas Venture, Deep Fork Capital, Boldstart Ventures, and Space Pirates. We are honored to have them behind us.

Robin brings presence sensing and automation to the office. Booking a meeting on your calendar is as easy as walking through the conference room door. With Robin, your office becomes a super-aware and intelligent assistant -- for everyone in it, helping to find people and places to get work done.With this seed round, we’ll be expanding the number of Robin Powered offices, while continuing product development that will help remedy additional workplace headaches. Over the coming weeks we'll be launching in a limited number of offices as part of our "Rockin' Robin Alliance" beta program, with more widespread release this fall.

While we regret nothing, it's important to note that the name of this beta program started as a joke, but after extended use, caught on too much for us to change.For all those interested offices out there, don't worry, you still can add your name to the list here.

For people in the workplace, here’s some of what Robin can do for you:

  • Auto-booking rooms. Enter a room with someone, stay for 30 seconds, and it books the calendar automatically. Leave early, it clears the availability.
  • A dashboard for your office with room analytics & usage insights.
  • With access to sensors, search for "The quietest meeting room available" or "For a free person in accounting".
  • A fresh approach to presentations + minutes (AV nightmare begone)
  • A Robin Powered API for your office - write apps for buildings and rooms.

Offices should be as smart as the people that work inside them. We think people deserve to see a future of work that actually helps them focus on what matters. Today is the first step in that direction.