How to share Google calendar resources

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The Robin Team
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First time setting up Google apps with Robin? You're in exactly the right place. When it comes to onboarding, it's key to make sure each department and user has the resources they need to be successful. We'll be putting together a few blog posts in the coming weeks on how to successfully onboard your company with Robin.Here are a few things to reference when getting up and running with Google Apps, broken down into three parts.

Part One: You use Google apps? Cool. First things first. If you haven’t already paired your booking account, here’s how.

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Part Two: Once you're all squared away, you must be thinking, how can this work with your team? If you use resources, folks can book normally they way they already do it today. Make sure to share resources with folks on your team, and the booking user (connected account) has read/write permissions on all room calendars.


If you want some more intel on that, check out this doc.

Part Three: If you use shared calendars, the best way to book is through Robin, or onto the shared calendar directly.


Here’s how to share calendars.

Making Setup Simple

Looking for more information on onboarding with Robin? There's a master checklist for making sure everything is taken care of.