Visualize your meeting activity in fashionable chart form

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Visualize your meeting activity in fashionable chart form

Everyone loves a good line graph filled with analytics data. You can now see live charts for calendar events in each space, filtered by either the past week or month.

Refresh your dashboard to see in action. Here's the GIF:

Tooltips in action

We've had a few "big number" stats available in space details since late last year. This update is the first of many graphs, pie charts, and other data visualizations aimed at help your team get better work done.

Calendars aren't great at showing trends that might suggest opportunities for improvement, but with the right perspective they can be. We believe that arming you with the right information is the best way to make sure you're spending time on the work you really care about.

A new way to see events

If you haven't set up calendars for your account yet (and are running out of excuses), this is a great opportunity to get started... and here's a link to get you on the right track.

Exchange users, your time is near

As someone who receives all of the incoming support emails, the requests for Exchange have hit a fever pitch in recent weeks. We'd be fools to keep you waiting much longer, and while we have been called similiar things before, we should have something to announce in March.

In the meantime, if you're good at breaking things and are willing to be part of beta testing we'd love to meet you.