Better booking rules for no-show meetings

A new update (v0.6.0) of Rooms is now available. Here's the highlight reel:

  • Turn off auto-booking to avoid canceling no show meetings and lower your co-worker’s anxiety.
  • Bigger, more forgiving buttons that don’t require laser accuracy to press quickly.
  • When you pair tablet to you a space, it will now show up in the web dashboard so you can keep track remotely.
  • A brand new onboarding process that makes set up a breeze.
  • Now available for Android tablets.

Get the updateThis week, Rooms saw a hotly requested update which offers space-level control over the auto-unbooking feature, or "use it or lose it."

This is when booked spaces automatically become available again when no one checks in within 10 minutes of the meeting start time.

Auto-unbooking is great for offices where finding meeting rooms is a blood sport. But for the majority, this feature resulted in confusion. Too many of you reported cancelled meeting reservations even when you arrived on time. This update adds the ability to toggle auto-unbooking on or off from the Settings panel, depending on the needs of your team and space.

To update to the latest version of Rooms,open the App Storeicon on your iPad. Navigate to available updates where you'll see one from Robin. Over the next few weeks, keep aneye out for additional improvements to this feature; we're still contemplating sendinga scarlet L for the oneperson who consistently shows up late.

If you have othersuggestions for features you'd like to see, we'd love to hear them @robinpowered.

PS - We also quietly launched Rooms for Android this week.

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