The ultimate guide to an RFP for office digital signage: Status boards

The ultimate guide to an RFP for office digital signage: Status boards

Whether you’ve completed zero RFPs or hundreds, each comes with its own set of challenges. We put together a quick guide for a digital office signage RFP to help you find the best solution for your workplace. (Bonus: guide comes with an RFP template too!)

About this guide

What is an office status board?

Most modern workplaces include multiple types of digital office signage serving various purposes for the facility and employees within it. In this guide, we outline one type of digital signage -- the status board -- and how you can use it in your workplace as:

  • Your office’s airport flight board showing free, busy, and upcoming events
  • An interactive wayfinding map
  • The easiest way to book meeting rooms and desks on the fly
  • Your go-to people finding tool
Everything to consider when shopping for office digital signage:

Beyond looking slick and inviting, there are a number of reasons why a workplace could benefit from a status board as workplace digital signage. With the dual capability of a real-time view into office happenings and an interactive map, status boards unlock the workplace for admins and employees alike.

In this guide, we dive into the nitty-gritty of everything you need to know for the RFP process for digital signage. From weighing hardware vs. software-led products to the ever-important factor of price - we cover it all.

Bonus: The guide comes with an RFP template to send to vendors when you're ready.

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