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Designing for Simplicity: A Look at Robin's Recent Quality Improvements

woman working at laptop, robin interface
Ryan Coughlin
Published on

At Robin, simplicity is at the core of our philosophy. People come to Robin to quickly book and find resources so they can focus on what’s important: being with their teammates and delivering great work. 

Simplicity is the key ingredient to a successful user experience. It goes beyond aesthetics; looking good doesn’t always = smooth, enjoyable experience. It’s about having an experience that is effortless to navigate and intuitive, making users feel like experts from the moment they login. When our customers have those experiences, they keep coming back – and we know we’re doing our job. 

In July, we brought our entire team together and dedicated a development cycle to improving platform quality, usability and accessibility. Users will see a number of improvements to speed and performance, navigation, overall user experience and access to data based on customer feedback. 

For the Robin Administrator: Data Export Enhancements

  • Export emails now contain information about the contents of the export, so you can more easily distinguish between export emails.
  • Space type has been added to the space export.
  • Cleanup of users included in the activity report (e.g., removal of deactivated users).

For the Robin End User: Mobile App Improvements

  • Screen shows more of the office map due to optimized header design.
  • Consolidated desk details show more information and policies about the desk.
  • Overall quicker load time throughout the mobile app.

Also Featuring:

  • 100+ accessibility enhancements.
  • Improved accuracy with visitor logs.
  • An event composer that defaults to the preferred office location.
  • A user count that reflects the number of active users for a more accurate view of license count.
  • Location visibility improvements, including all locations and an improved mobile modal.
  • A date picker that respects the preferred first day of the week.

Moving forward, we will continue refining the user experience, laser focused on making time in the office more seamless, intuitive and, ultimately, more efficient. As we catapult into this new era of the workplace, our team remains dedicated to crafting outstanding workplace experiences with Robin as your sidekick throughout the day.

Keep the feedback coming.

Want to see what else we’ve been up to? Reach out to a team member or check out our recent product updates here.

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