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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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image of room display screen

A few weeks ago, we wrote about faster room display setup, using PINs instead of logging in and configuring each one individually. Offices that took an hour to set up could now do the same in a fraction of the time.

But what about the room display’s you’ve already set up? How do we make their management easier? PIN pairing was the first crack at making the setup process easier. Next up, we refreshed our dashboard’s Device Vitals overview to provide even greater visibility into the health and status of your devices. Here’s what it looked like before:


This was a first attempt at providing some device details at a glance, and early feedback made it clear that admins wanted to do more than just watch their fleet in action. For example, facilities and admin teams wanted to see more information about specific devices. Before, hovering over a generic tablet icon showed just a few data points.

Now, you can click a tablet icon to get a quick snapshot of the status and health of that device.You can also act on issues directly, and (in many cases) without leaving the page. Now you can see device identifiers, paired space, “health”status and when it was seen last online, as well as the calendar system that it’s syncing with.  Lastly, we changed the tab from “Vitals” to “Device Vitals” so there’s a bit more clarity on what exactly you can expect to see under that tab in the dashboard.Here’s what the latest version looks like:


Going forward, we’ll continue to add more ways to update space/device info from this page quickly, and proactively notify the right people of possible issues like battery or network interruptions.We’d love to hear your thoughts on this stuff, as we’re continuously evolving our thinking based on feedback. If you want to read more about Device Vitals, check out this doc we have.