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Fuel Your Office Decisions with Workplace Data in 2023

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The Robin Team
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It has become harder and harder to predict what will happen in the workplace, often leaving organizational leaders guessing and having to pivot… a lot. 

The ebbs and flows of the last few years have revealed that:

Trends like these are insightful, but how they take shape vary, as they should, across organizations. Going into the new year, measuring and optimizing your workplace regularly is required – organizations must use data to build more engaging workplace experiences. 

Start Here: Data to Use When Making Workplace Decisions

Data, if used thoughtfully and consistently, can have a real impact on people engaging with the office and one another. A variety of workplace analytics can send you the signals you need to make changes that have an actual, ongoing impact on workplace experiences. 

Consider these types of data as you get started:

What we know, though, is that workplace insights often live in individual platforms. This disparate data is not very helpful when trying to make informed decisions that impact your peoples’ productivity, engagement and overall workplace satisfaction. 

“Having the data from Robin is super helpful. It feels great having people come in and you can observe the usage, but having empirical data that you can share with your boss or the board to show that people are actually using the space, and these are the parts that work, these are the parts that didn’t, is incredibly powerful.” - Dave Witting, Managing Director, Digital Products, DEPT®

How Robin’s New Analytics API Can Help You Take Action

Office utilization rates. HR data. Productivity insights. Sales numbers. Employee engagement scores. Phew! The possibilities are endless.

Workplace leaders can bring this data together in their preferred business intelligence tool with Robin’s new Analytics API for a more holistic view of the workplace. Why? To better measure success based on your organization’s unique goals. 

Let’s dive into how this works with an example.

From team productivity and satisfaction to managing workplace costs, these are only some of the ways workplace leaders can benefit from Robin’s new Analytics API. Structured insights fuel more actionable ideas for making the workplace a place people actually want to go to. Simply put: employees want to like where they work, and businesses with happy, engaged workers experience 23% higher profits

Successful leaders listen to their employees and use data to drive strategic decisions. Need help getting started? Book a call with a team member.

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