July product update: Improving onboarding and device management

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Welcome to our monthly blog update, where you’ll learn about what we did this month in the time it takes to make yourself a cup of coffee. Let’s get right to it.

See the status of your tablets

In July, we focused on refreshing our dashboard’s Device Vitals overview to provide even greater visibility into the health and status of your devices.


Here are some of the things you can do now:

  • Click a tablet icon to get a quick snapshot of the status and health of that device
  • See important info about the device, like when it was last seen online
  • Act on issues directly, and (in many cases) without leaving the page

The ingredients of Robin

It’s like a cookbook but better. That’s what folks were saying about a five-part blog series we ran about the ingredients of Robin. The goal was to break down the Robin platform by talking about all the ingredients it’s comprised of.


These include:

A few notable mentions

Here are a few notable mentions that happened this month that we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Heat map now shows 24-hours, which is huge for orgs with offices in other timezones
  • We added “Classroom” as a space type for those working in higher education settings
  • Edit an existing Exchange integration when passwords get updated
  • Rooms 2.2.1 was released with a few bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Our CSV uploader was given a small facelift so you can view all of the data in a much cleaner way

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Give Robin a try for free.