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A room display from any angle: Portrait mode for Rooms

room display with rooms
The Robin Team
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Landscape mode is great, but it caused neck strain for some of you running Rooms on its side. Good news for you (and your chiropractor), you can look upright again. Your meeting room display supports portrait mode, as well as a new full screen room schedule, and bolder availability states.

You can also get into meetings faster. Starting a meeting is now a single touch-event. Impromptu meetings start with 30 minutes and you can add more time as needed.

Hang your meeting room display the way you want

Offices come in all shapes and sizes. We learned that many of you don't have much wall space outside your conference rooms. Figuring out how to mount a landscape tablet on a narrow, vertical column was an operational nightmare. Since we're not qualified to reconstruct your office, redesigning the app to work in both orientations seemed like safer problem to solve.

Your room's daily schedule in one tap

The meeting room schedule is the most noticeable change in the display's new layout. Now you can tap the bottom bar to see the full schedule slide into view. This change removes the noise and focuses attention on what's happening now and next.

We found that when folks were interacting with the Rooms app, their primary goal was finding out how long they could use the room. Showing what's next answers this question at a glance.

Greater visibility for your events

We’ve added bolder availability states to make the room display visible from across the office or down the hall. The new Rooms app turns red when people are using the space and yellow when the room is booked. We've left the available state without any background color, making it easy for our colorblind friends to distinguish when they can grab free space.

We've also made everything larger. The background showcases a full-screen image of the meeting room. Font sizes for room names and meeting titles were bumped up a few pixels. Bigger buttons make it easy to start a meeting with a single touch.

Robin meeting room display app when booked
Robin meeting room display app when in use

Easy to adjust settings

In case you missed it, with version 0.10.0 and later, Administrators can manage display settings from the app or from the web dashboard. Future updates will include more custom settings. Which settings would you like to add to your room displays?

Let us know and you could see them in future updates.Get the update now for iPad or Android tablets.Starting from scratch and need to reconsider your display set up?

We have options.

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